Tuesday Confessional 09-18

What does a woman have to do around here to get a glass of wine?
I’m not sure if anyone else has had this issue, but the last few times I have ordered a glass of wine at a restaurant they asked me….do you want a 6 oz glass or an 8 oz glass?  Huh?  When did I need to start ordering a SIZE for a glass of wine?  I just want a glass of wine, when did it become complicated?

This weekend I had an accident.  Not a serious one, but one that made me stop and think.  My husband and I (with the kids) stopped to get the oil changed in the car.  We realized as we were driving away and heard a thump…the guys who changed the oil placed our electronic key on top of the car.  Marc put 2-plus-2 together and realized the thump we heard was our ridiculously expensive electronic key falling off the top of the car and into the middle of a busy highway.  (We know this because we’ve already had to replace one electronic key once before.)  So I say , no way!, and we whip around to retrieve the key.  Marc parked in a lot perpendicular to where the key lay the middle of the three lane highway and I jumped out to retrieve it.  My plan was to wait until the traffic passed, then sprint out to get the key and sprint back.  But reality played a cruel trick on me.  I indeed did attempt to sprint into the lane (while vehicles waited to make right-hand turns) but instead of sprinting, I launched myself face-first into the middle of the street.  I don’t know what happened.  I honestly don’t.  One minute I was moving my legs forward and the next minute my chin was hitting the concrete.  I did not even brace myself from landing face-first.  Not only was I mortified but I was really hurt.  I took off all the skin on my left knee, put road rash on my chin and made myself sore all over for three days.  The worse part was the bruise to my ego.  It really made me stop and think about my age.  At that moment, I felt like MY MOM and I said to myself, maybe this is the point in life where I can no longer run.  That’s being a little over-dramatic.  I can still run, but it made me realize all the physical things I had taken for granted all these years and that age is really creeping up on me.  I will be 40 next year.  It made 40 not seem like “just a number” any more.


Fabric Pom Poms

For my daughter’s first birthday I chose the theme “Ballerina Ball”. The post for the entire party is here:

Ballerina Birthday

This post is how to make Fabric Pom Poms.  They take a little more time and expense than the tissue paper variety, but they add a touch of elegance!

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

I started by buying fabric scraps from the fabric stores in colors to fit my theme.  Since the scraps were folded into small squares already, I cut them to that size, but you can cut them into different sizes based on what size ball you want to create.  Mine were about 3×5 inches in measurement.  I used a variety of 2-3 different fabrics for each ball.  It took about 50 squares of fabric per ball.  The floral balls I used were the kind for dry arrangements (not wet ones) and were 4″.  I used straight pins to attach the fabric strips.

Take each fabric square and gather it in the middle and pin it with the straight pin.

Then attach them very close together all the way around the ball.

When you are finished covering the ball, you will no longer be able to see the pins.

Lastly, I snaked a ribbon around the ball and once all the fabric is in place, the ribbon will stay in place without sliding off the ball and you just tie it once on top.

For my daughter’s birthday I made both tissue paper and fabric pom poms.  The link to the tissue paper pom poms is:

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

When Toddlers Text

I picked up my phone to text a friend and I noticed something strange.  At first I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  I saw messages I did not recognize and at first I thought they came from her.  Then I realized what happened.  The texts looked like this:

Lllllllllkkkhhgf (sent)

(picture of my daughter) (sent)

LkkkkkkkkkkkkkkhhgggggfffffdfMason (sent)

Mason (sent)

(video of my son swimming naked in the swimming pool) (sent)

My son had started texting my friend during a time when I “thought” he was playing his alphabet game on my iPhone.  On the downside…he is only three and is already sending nude pics of himself on a phone.  On the upside…at least he knows how to spell his name! Ha!


Tissue Paper Pom Poms

For my daughter’s first birthday I chose the theme “Ballerina Ball”. The post for the entire party is here:

Ballerina Birthday

There are a ton of tutorials available on how to make tissue paper pom poms, but since I just made some for my daughter’s party, I have all the info, so I might as well post it!

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

Inside as well:

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

These cute pom poms are super easy to make and inexpensive.  They originally come from a tutorial on Martha Stewart’s site which I have linked below.

Start with a package of tissue paper in any color.  The packages usually come in 8 sheets which is perfect.  You can make them single color or multicolor, however you choose.  You can make them large and small.  I will tell you how to make the smaller ones because all the tutorials usually talk about the larger ones.

Start by laying out the package of paper (8 sheets) and cutting it in half length wise as shown here.  This example has three packages of paper, white, dark pink and light pink and each has been cut in half.

Now I am going to make a small multicolor pom pom with white and pink.  Take four pieces of each color.  You can either alternate the colors or put one color on top and bottom with the opposite color grouped in the middle.  I’ll have several examples of the color results at the end.

Now “fan fold” the paper width wise so you are folding the short side and doing it multiple times.

Now tie string around the middle.  I used pretty ribbon for the pom poms I made for inside the house and I used twine for the pom poms I made for outside.  Twine doesn’t tie very good though, so I might recommend something you can secure easier.

Now trim the edges to either make rounded tips or pointed tips.  I did a little bit of both to make a variety of results.

The next step is to start gently pulling the layers of the pom pom apart to make them into their rounded ball shape.  This is one layer pulled away from the others towards the center.

This is 1/4 of the pom pom layers separated.  I preferred to work on 1/4 of the pom pom all the way around until it was done.  So on one side I separated 4 layers, then switched to the opposite side, then turned it upside down and started on the third side and then the fourth.

This is 1/2 done or one complete side and flipped upside down so I could start on the second half.

Complete pom pom fluffed!

Variety of colors:

OMG Pom Poms!!

To make big pom poms, you follow the same steps but do not cut the sheets of paper in half (step 1).

The link to the original post by Martha Stewart:

MS Tissue Paper Pom Poms

I also made some very pretty fabric pom poms for the party and the link to create those is here:

Fabric Pom Poms

Tuesday Confessional

Beer You Say?
People who know me know I am a fan of wine.  I love wine, pretty much any kind except the super sweat varieties.  (Although I do drink desert wine after dinners on occasion.)  But also I like beer.  I’m not a beer “snob” but I do like them so I’ve decided to start working on discerning which types I like best so I can talk intelligently about the subject when necessary.  So far I have decided I do NOT like IPA but I do like Red Ale.  And I like Stouts.  So we’ll see where this goes.

 I Am Not Perfect
Ah, the theme of my site.  Yes, I love my kids (more than life) but I am far from the perfect mom.  I get depressed.  Actually, very depressed.  But I attribute the depression to having two kids under the age of 5.  People from prior generations do not talk about the difficulties of raising kids.  In fact, they hid them.  They “allude” to the difficulties of having a successful marriage by make passing jokes at the opposite sex but they totally block out the madness of raising babies.  The truth is, raising small children is an immense amount of work, and having a successful marriage is an immense amount of work, so doing both together is almost insurmountable.  I am not a person who is afraid of hard labor.  However, I feel like I am due for a break.  I just keep waiting for that break to arrive.  My new motto: If I can just get both of my kids to the age of 5…I might be sane again.

Yes, I do Everything Shown on my Blog
Some people ask me, how do you have enough postings to run a blog.  Well, because that’s how I run my life.  90tonothing in 0point5.  So after a while, I thought, why don’t I start a blog, because hell, I have enough material just by living.  So here we are.  You might not find it appealing, but it’s not boring.  I actually have posts lined up for every weekend about 3-4 weeks in advance.  As I do things, I photo and document then and post them with a publish date in the future.  There are even things I should post, but I don’t think to document them until it’s too late.  Such as…tonight we had steak marinated in hatch chilies and various other ingredients served with grilled corn and grilled garlic marinated brussels sprouts and it would have been a great recipe for the blog, but bleh, I didn’t feel like photographing it.  I always have 2-3 projects going at a time.  Right now I am working on two projects, one for my son’s school Halloween carnival and the other is making a baby quilt for my daughter.  You will see both on my site about 2 weeks from now.  My son loves the quilt for his sister, so much that I will be making one for him next.  Then I have a wall painting to do and 4 other projects which are already photographed and sitting on my desktop to blog about.  I have an endless supply of material.

 Dinner and TV
I was having a conversation with a co-worker “around the water-cooler” and he mentioned he and his wife were making an effort to change their habits to make the family eat dinner together most nights at the kitchen table.  I never occurred to me people would not eat dinner together at the table every night.  I asked him “where do you eat dinner then?”- duh, in front of the TV.  I guess everyone is a product of how they are raised but it just seems so unnatural to me for the family to sit on the couch and eat dinner in front of the TV.  Is my family that unusual to always sit at the kitchen table and have dinner as a family?