Boy Quilted Baby Blanket- Trucks!

My son loved the baby blanket I made for my daughter so much he asked for me to make one for him.  I used the same pattern I used for my daughter, but instead of hearts in the quilt squares, I chose the theme of trucks because it matched his room.  And he likes trucks!

I bought the pattern to make this quilt so I can not give the step-by-step instructions but I will show you how to make the truck stencil because that was my own work.

A few pics of piecing the quilt together:

Below are the steps to make the truck shaped patches for the quilt.  You can use these same steps to make any shape patches for clothes, bags or any fabric.To add the truck patches onto the quilt, draw the outline of your shape onto the paper side of “Heat-n-Bond” material.  Be sure to draw it in reverse from what you want your end design to look like because this is the back side of the pattern.

Then iron on the material to the back of the fabric you plan to use for the design.

Then cut out the shape:

Lastly, you iron on the patches to the quilt by removing the paper backing and using the iron as directed.

Here is the finished product, front and back:

And my son is happy!

The pattern to make the quilt is sold here:

Baby Blanket Quilt Pattern

The link to the other quilt I made for my daughter is here:

Girl Quilted Baby Blanket- Hearts!

Tuesday Confessional 10/16

Wine, It’s What’s for Dinner
What did I have for dinner tonight? Wine.  Yep, that’s it.  Shit happens.

The Planning Phase
When you work in IT, the first 1/3 of an entire project is called the Planning Phase.  It’s where you decide and plan what you want to do with the remaining 2/3rds of the time you have been allotted.  The months of September and October in my house will henceforth be known as the Holiday Planning Phase.  This is when I plan all the holidays AND Mason’s birthday.  We have no other time nor interest in this house except planning for those activities.  So yes…my blog is very boring right now.

Bring in the Gingerbread Men!
As part of my preparation for the holiday season, I am mentally preparing myself to make a plethora of mini-gingerbread houses.  This year it will be 41 to be exact.  It will take me the majority of 2 weeks to accomplish it.  Wish me luck!

You’re Fired!
My kids are trying to get me fired.  I’m not kidding, it’s a full-on conspiracy.  My daughter has had on-and-off diarrhea for more than two weeks now, which means she can not go to school, although there is no medical reason for it.  I’ve taken her to the doctor twice, she has no fever and hasn’t been eating anything weird.  However, she IS teething four molars at once.  That would make me quite agitated too.  At the same time, my son has totally reverted on his potty training.  For four months he did very well and had no accidents whatsoever, but now we are back to daily accidents.  It’s not diarrhea, so I’m not sure if he’s seeing the attention his sister is getting or what is causing it.  And his school has a policy that they do not change kids who have accidents, so either my husband or I have to leave work to change his clothes every time he has an accident.  (It takes a 30 minute drive there and 30 minute drive back, so 1 hour out of my work day.)  All I can say is…I am so tired of this SHIT I can’t stand it.  Literally!  Ha!  Between having to stay home because my daughter can’t go to school or leave work because my son needs to be changed, it’s only a matter of time before my work gets fed up and kicks my butt out the door.

Girl Quilted Baby Blanket- Hearts!

For my daughter’s birthday I made some fabric pom poms to decorate the party.  After the party I wanted to use the scraps to make something instead of just throwing them away.  So I came up with the idea to make her a quilted baby blanket.  I used the left over material from the satin table covers and the fabric scraps from the fabric pom poms to make this lovely blanket.

I can not do a true step-by-step post for this because I bought the pattern and it would not be appropriate for me to give away the steps.  So below I have posted the link on where to buy the pattern.

Here are some pics of the blanket through the process:

And the finished product, front and back:

The link to the quilt pattern can be found at:

Baby Blanket Sized Quilt- Hearts

The link to my posting for the fabric pom poms where I used the scraps before I turned them into a quilt is at:

Fabric Pom Poms


Homemade Parmesan Potato Chips

Making potato chips at home is a lot easier than I thought.  I was given a pound of potatoes and we don’t eat them that much so I needed to find a way to use them.  So I made half a pound of potato chips and took them to work with me.

I bought a mini-deep frier and sliced the potatoes with a mandolin.  Just fry them in peanut oil at 350 for about 10 minutes (this depends on the thickness of how you cut the potatoes as to how long you fry them.)  I cut my potatoes on level 2 with the mandolin, so if you cut them at level 1, cook for less time.

I took a suggestion from Paula Deen and sprinkled them with salt and grated Parmesan cheese and they were awesome!

Tuesday Confessional 10/09

Surprise Party

There isn’t anything quite as embarrassing as having a group of people show up to your house for a party you are hosting…THAT YOU TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT.  Yep, that happened to me last Thursday.  I had a ladies wine night/ school function where a group of women were coming to my house to make booster/fundraiser items for my son’s school.  They showed up at my door and I had totally forgot about the event.  Actually, I hadn’t totally forgotten, I just thought it was the next night and not THAT night.  Luckily I had all the items we needed to make the crafts but I’m sure they could tell I was incredibly unprepared.  I had gone upstairs to put my daughter to bed and when I came out of her room the women were standing in my kitchen.  Even at that point, I did not immediately remember the event.  I stood there for a couple of minutes and thought, “Who are these women and why are they in my kitchen?”  And my husband looked up at me with a panicked look in his eyes like, WTF?!  Then it dawned on me.  *forehead slap*