Fun with Turkey Hand T-Shirts

I had so many cute photos from making the Turkey Hand T-Shirts with the kids that I needed to make two posts.  The instructions are here:

Turkey Hand T-Shirts

These are the pics of making the Turkey Hands with both the kids:

And of course, I had to make a matching tutu skirt for Brie.

Turkey Hand T-Shirts

I got this cute idea for making Turkey Hand T-Shirts…you know what turkey hands are…they are turkeys made from the kids hand-prints!

Start with two types of fall fabric (total material listing at the end of the post).  Place them right sides together.

Then trace the child’s hand-print onto the fabric.

Then cut out the hand-print.

Then cut out a turkey body shape on the brown fabric.  Place the hands spaced out like tail-feathers and the brown body on top.  Use fabric glue to attach the two hands together and to attach the turkey body to the hands.

Cut out a triangle beak and a teardrop beard and attach with the fabric glue as well.

Trace the turkey shape onto iron on material.

And iron on the turkey to the shirt.  You may want to follow up with top-stitching, but depending on how many times you plan to wear it, it may not be needed.


  • 1/4 yard of two fall pattered materials
  • scant amount of brown fabric
  • package of heat-n-bond iron on adhesive (or similar product)- or use the fabric glue for all the steps
  • fabric glue
  • T-Shirt or Onesie


Tuesday Confessional 11/13

Mommy’s Christmas Present

I got a new sewing machine!  I wore-out my other one so instead of paying the money to get the old one fixed, I decided to invest the money in a new one.  Take a gander at this baby!  Ohhhhh, Ahhhhh!  It has fancy stitches and all kinds of bells and whistles… and a computer screen!



Mason hurt himself and this was the conversation:
Marc: You just have to shake it off and keep going.
Mason: But it doesn’t come off when I shake!  The hurt stays on there!


Turkey Disguise

I got the idea for this fun activity from my son’s school.  The idea is to help the Thanksgiving Turkey find a good disguise to keep him safe from being eaten!  It builds imagination and creative thinking.

Print out a turkey printable from the internet.  Explain the concept and have the toddler (preschooler) pick what disguise the turkey should have.  My son picked a fire truck!  Since a fire fighter was a little more appropriate and easier to do, we went with that.  I got him some fireman related stickers, markers and paper.  He colored the turkey, used the stickers and even made flames from paper cut outs to go at the bottom.  Have fun!

No turkeys were harmed in the making of this post.


Toddler Pillow aka Teen Travel Pillow

Just before my son turned 2 years old, I saw this super cute mini-pillow at a craft sale.  The woman at the booth advertised the pillows as travel pillows for teens to take on Away Games for football or Cheerleading Camp or wherever.  I thought it would work really well in my son’s crib and I was right!  He loves his pillow!  He is now almost 4 and even to this day he still loves it.  So now that my daughter is almost 2, I decided to make her one.  It seemed easy enough, and little did I know, how easy it really was!  It took me less time to sew this pillow than it did to stand in line to buy the fabric!

This is the picture for the original pillow and he is about 18 months old in this photo:

To start, cut the main portion of fabric 25 1/2 inches wide by 17 inches tall. (a little less than 1/2 yard).

Next, cut the top strip of fabric to be the same width 25 1/2 inches by 5 1/4 inches and fold it in half (wrong sides together).

Iron everything and then sew the pillow top to the pillow bottom by placing the edges together with right sides together.

Then fold the entire pillow case in half length-wise and sew the bottom and side seam.

The case will look like this:

It will fit a standard decorative pillow size 12×16 which are available at any craft or fabric store.  You can also have their names embroidered on the pillow top.

My son still loves his pillow and now my daughter does too!