How to Remove Iron-On Transfer

My son started attending a private school this year.  They have a dress code which includes outerwear.  The rule was it had to be a plain navy blue jacket or coat and must have the school’s patch on it.  I already had a jacket my son LOVED and it was very warm and cozy (and happened to be navy blue) but the problem was an iron-on design on the front from the brand (The Children’s Place).  So, I searched the internet and found the various options.  Through trial and error, I was able to remove it and accomplish my goal.


Start by using a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol.  Rub the design and make sure it is soaked.  In some cases, this alone will work.  If it doesn’t, use a wire brush, or scouring pad and also rub on the design.  You may have to do this a couple of times and wash it in between.

Just Starting

Just Starting

After a Little More Work On It

After a Little More Work On It


One Side Done

One Side Done


Done Deal

Done Deal

In this picture, you can see slight traces of the iron-on left, but after a few more washes, it came out completely.

Happy Camper

Happy Camper

Snowman Cookies

A friend of mine gave us some sugar cookies she made shaped like snowmen.  I then, of course, reverse engineered them and made my own.  :)


Above is my friend’s cookie.  Below is my version.






As you can tell, it’s pretty easy and straight forward.  Just make three sugar cookie balls and let them cook together in the oven.  My friend used mini chocolate chips for the eyes, a Hershey kiss for the cap and icing for the scarf.  Also M&Ms for the buttons.  For mine, I just used various materials I had available in the kitchen.  Quick and fun!








Tuesday Confessional 12/18

Nighttime Books
I think my son is going to be a writer.  My husband came up with the idea to make up our own stories at bedtime with Mason instead of always reading a book.  Mason loves it and really enjoys creating his own stories.  If you haven’t tried it with your kids, give it a try and see what crazy stories they concoct.

Nylon Flowers
If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m really keen on trying new things.  A while ago I became interested in nylon flowers and tried making one myself.  Not perfect, but not too bad.


Tuesday Confessional 12/11

Life Changes
As a woman one of the hardest things in life to do is find a good friend.  It’s really almost easier to find a husband than it is to find a female friend who shares your interests and isn’t too bitchy.  I’ve been blessed for a few years now to have multiple friends, a luxury I did not have growing up.  Sadly, it is a luxury slipping away from me.  I’ve gone back to work so the group of women I have been such a integral part of for the last three years is slipping away from me.  I see them less and less and we are moving on with different directions with our lives.  It is very sad to me and will take some time for me to work through.

 Upcoming Blog Contest- Prize Giveaway
I am currently planning a contest with a real prize!  So if you are interested in participating, you will need to register to make comments on my site.  More details to follow….

An Oxymoron…Well Maybe Just a Moron
I’m good at a lot of things, but GREAT at nothing.  I can do almost anything I try to do well, but I can’t master anything.  One of the things I am pretty good at is saying the wrong thing and not meaning to.  I’m a pretty big nerd.  There isn’t much hiding that.  Well, nerds have a way of saying the wrong thing but not meaning it.  I make a joke with someone who I really like and it comes out sounding mean and nasty.  How did that happen?  Then how do I take it back and explain what I really meant?  Which is why I tend to keep my mouth shut a lot.  Which alternatively gets me in trouble because people think I’m being snobby when I’m really just trying to keep from sticking my foot in my mouth.

Toys and Childhood
Growing up, I was very poor.  I mean my family used food stamps to buy food.  So as a child, I didn’t have many toys.  I got 1 present at Christmas and I was excited to get it. Any other toys or clothes I got was from hand-me-downs. Recently I had a conversation with some friends and they were talking about what toys they played with as children.  Barbies, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.  I didn’t have any of those.  So as a result, I buy a ridiculous amount of toys for my kids.  However, in all reality, I don’t think toys matter that much.  The reasons which made my childhood good, had nothing to do with toys.  And the reason why part of my childhood was bad, also had nothing to do with the lack of toys.  I’m just saying…keep that in mind and try to plan lots of personal one-on-one time with your kids this holiday.


A Visit With Santa

Mason had a great time!

Brie…not so much…LOL

Reusable Gift Tags

What’s more Eco-friendly and thrifty than reusable gift tags?  It’s an easy, unique and fun thing to try this year!

The tools you will need are:

Chalkboard paint, wooden shapes, string or ribbon for attaching them and a drill.

The chalkboard paint is somewhat expensive just to use for this purpose, but I bought the paint for another project, and this is about the second or third time I’ve used it.  Start by drilling a small hole in the top of the wooden shapes.

Then paint all sides with two coats of the chalkboard paint.

Let is dry for a couple of hours.

Walla..reusable gift tags.