The Lorax Birthday Party

Finally, the post I have been talking about for weeks!  Mason’s 4th birthday party theme is…The Lorax!!!

The Lorax Birthday

The theme was “The Lorax” and the colors were orange, yellow, blue and hot pink.













The cake with a surprise in the middle was a big hit!!!


And sister dressed for the occasion!


In the coming weeks, I will create individual posts on how-to’s for all the ideas you see above.  They will automatically show up until the comments section below so you can link to them.

Maternity Photo Ideas

These days many new and expectant moms choose to take Maternity Photos.  Personally, I steered clear of them because they are really not very flattering and being pregnant isn’t really something I want to remember because I was sick and miserable the whole time.  I took a couple of home-made photos, which I will show below, but the internet offers a few awesome, but mostly not so awesome options.  You decide.


Maternity Photo

Maternity Photo 2

Maternity Photo 3


cute announcement



Not so awesome:







My photos (very tame):


with Mason



with Brie


Tuesday Confessional 01/22

Birthday Bash
My son’s 4th birthday party was this past Saturday.  So I’ve been working on that like crazy.  I will have several posts to create from the event (how to’s and that sort of thing) so standby for when I have enough time to make the posts.

Here is where planning ahead gets you into trouble.  I buy Mason’s Christmas and birthday presents early because there is so much to buy at one time.  We knew our plan was to move him into a “big kid bed” and his bed is convertible.  What I didn’t know is that it is full sized instead of twin sized.  So I ordered his new bed set in September…in twin size.  Doh!  And now it doesn’t look like the company will exchange since the purchase was so long ago.  So I may have to buy him a new one and sell the other one.  So lesson learned…don’t be like me…be a procrastinator!

Tuesday Confessional 01/15

Broken PC

I’m a bit behind on my posts because my computer has been dead for a week.  Luckily I know a tech guru (much smarter than my tech guruness) and he fixed my PC without even doing anything.  Yes, I took my desktop to him, he started it up and it worked!  Something must have vibrated loose and then re-vibrated back together on the drive over to his house because my computer would not boot for an entire week.  Magically after loading it in my car and taking it to him, it worked straight off.  Same scenario as taking the kids to the doctor…they are sick as death but you take them to the doctor suddenly they seem like nothing at all is wrong!

My “Girlie” Daughter

I ordered a rainbow tutu for my daughter to wear to my son’s upcoming birthday party.  It arrived in the mail and when I opened the package my son exclaimed, “Brie, Brie!  It’s for you!”  My 17 month old daughter comes waddling over in her adorable toddler style walk, views the new duds, and starts pulling her shirt up, saying “Off!”  So, I asked her, “You want your shirt off?”  She nods “yes” and then points at the skirt, pats herself on the hips and says, “body, body.”  (Clearly, in toddler language she means, “I want this simple stuff off, and that wonderful smash of color must be put on me right NOW!”)

Certain Days of the Week

I haven’t posted one of these categories of posts in a while and I really miss them!  This is a conversation with my son from this morning and it’s quite cute.  It requires a back story, however.  Since Mason was 2.5 and I taught him the days-of-the-week, he for some reason really liked Tuesday.  I have no idea why, it just happened.  Every time we quizzed him on what day it was, if it happened to be Tuesday, he got all giddy and would sing “Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!”  On the way to preschool this morning:

Me: You are such a smart boy!
Mason: Not every day.
Me: What?  Not every day?  Yes, you are smart every day!
Mason: Not on Tuesdays.
Me: (laughing) Why are you not smart on Tuesdays?
Mason: Because on Tuesdays I am silly and I play!
Me: Because it is your favorite day?
Mason: Yes, I am very silly on Tuesdays!

I guess Tuesday is the new Friday.  Who knew?