Toddler Room- Trucks!

We bought my son a convertible crib which works as a crib, daybed with side-rail, daybed, or a full-sized bed.  We recently went through the transformation to move his room from baby to toddler!

For the original room post see:

Boy Baby/Toddler Room- Trucks!

Below is his new updated room with a big kid bed!

Toddler Room Trucks

Mason was very excited and helped along the way.



Sister helped too!



The bed set was purchased here, and comes in crib, twin, full or queen:

Construction Zone

Tuesday Confessional 03/12

Listen to other viewpoints?!  Why would I do that?

One of the things I harp about on this blog is “no one is perfect.”  So naturally, if no one is perfect, then maybe you should listen to other people’s opinions once in a while.  You might actually learn something.  One of the things I dislike the most is talking to someone who is so dogmatic, they can’t even listen to an opposing idea or viewpoint.  This is a good bipartisan read:

Don’t be like Washington; listen to other views


The Lorax Party Invitations and Thank You Cards- Free Download

For the entire party, view here:

 The Lorax Birthday Party

This post is to show the invitations and thank you notes I used for the party.

Lorax Party Invitation

This supper cute personalized invitation was ordered from Etsy at this link:

The Lorax Party Invitation on Etsy

The thank you cards I used are a free download available from HP and the download button here:

The Lorax Food Labels- Free Printable

For the entire party post, view here:

The Lorax Birthday Party

This post is for a free printable to make food and table labels for a Lorax Party.

Lorax Cheese Wheels

The food labels are editable and feature two tall labels and 8 short labels.  Simply print them out on card stock, cut out the entire label and fold it in half.

The Lorax Water Bottle Lables


Do I have to do everything myself?

My son recently stayed with his grandmother for a sleepover.  He just turned four years old and he’s at the age now where he will tattle on you if you are not careful!

Me: (I was putting Mason to bed.) Do you want your ceiling fan on tonight? (It’s a rhetorical question because he ALWAYS sleeps with the fan on.)
Mason: Yes.  Mommy, when I stayed at Nana’s house, she forgot to turn the fan on!
Me: Oh she did?  Did you ask her to turn it on?
Mason: Yeah, but she didn’t hear me.  I called and called to her but she did not come.  She put a chair by the bed so I could climb down.  So I climbed down and I called and called for her.  So then I pulled the chair to the wall and climbed up.  I turned on the fan and had to pull the chair back, and then I had to climb back up on the bed and get back under the covers!  It was exhausting!