Tuesday Confessional 05/28

Yes, I know it is Wednesday, bite me.  I had to work late last night and didn’t get a chance to post on the correct day.


OMG, I got myself into another crazy situation, but at least this time it worked out for the best.  Can you picture in your mind how many cherries it takes to make 16 lbs?  I couldn’t before, but I can now.

The fruit and vegetable co-op I use often offers extra items “in bulk” when they are in season.  It’s always really in BULK. I have a hard time picturing how much of any particular fruit or vegetable it takes to make up the number of pounds they list on the order form.  They offered a bulk of 16 lbs of cherries, which I didn’t know at the time, but I know now…when you buy a big bag of cherries at the store…that is 2 lbs, so it takes 8 of those large bags to equal 16 lbs.  So I pitted cherries for 2 days.  But, on the upside, they freeze really well and I have been having a great time cooking with them.

Pitting Cherries

I have made cherry pancakes (the kids LOVED them); cherry lemonade (an all around favorite), cherry cobbler (of course) and a “Stephenie original” recipe for Oatmeal Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies which I will post later on.  They taste pretty amazing, and even a person who can’t cook can make them.

Ten-Minute Flower Clip- Free Template

Recently on a trip through Pinterest, I saw a foreign posting for the cutest flower hair clip I have seen.  It looked easy, so I thought I would try it, but little did I know how easy it really was!

Flower Hair Clip

Start by printing a small circle on paper and cutting it out.  I have a handy-dandy free printable below with the perfect size circle for this project.


Cut out five circles of felt or fleece fabric.  (Just make sure to use any fabric where the edges do not fray.)  The fabric I chose was “Cotton Candy Pink, Blizzard Fleece”.


Fold each circle in half and you will sew along the bottom.  I happen to have pink thread, but the thread does not have to be the same color as your fabric because it will not show except on the bottom side.


Sew big stitches (only one or two per circle).  I found out the hard way, the smaller and closer the stitches, the harder of a time you will have gathering it later.  So make your stitches bigger than the ones in my photos.  :)


Overlap the edges slightly and sew all five folded circles in a row.



Then wrap them into a circle, overlap the two ends, just like the others, and sew them together- but do not tie off the thread!


Now, slowly and carefully, gather the thread so that the hole in the middle is very small or completely gone.


Quickly and tightly, tie off the thread so the flower does not unravel.


Lastly, sew a decorative button (like a pearl or rhinestone) on one side and a hair clip on the other.  Super easy, right?  It took me about 10 minutes to make!



Here is my favorite model…



At the end of this post, I have included the free downloadable circle template (it’s just a circle about 2″ in diameter) so a template is not really required, but available if you choose.

Here is the picture and website that I “reverse engineered” to make my version of this flower hair clip.  It’s a foreign language site, but I visited it myself and it appears to be safe.

Website With Original Idea

Original photo from website as seen on Pinterest:

flower hair clips

Free Downloadable Template:

The Talk

This is me having “The Talk” with my 22 month old girl and 4 year old boy.  (Well, sort of.)

Mason: Mommy, Nana made Papa.
Me: Huh?
Mason: Nana made Papa.
Me: No honey, Nana did not “make” Papa.  They are married.  Papa is not Nana’s child.
Mason: Oh.  Who did Nana make?
Me: Remember, Nana has four kids.  Daddy, xxxx, xxxx and xxxx.
Mason: Oh.  Brie-Brie will make a baby some day.
Brielle: Baby!
Me: Yes, Brie will probably have children some day.  And you will too.
Mason: But Mommy, you told me that only girls can make people.
Me: Well, that is true, only girls can make babies.  But some day if you meet someone you love and you get married, then the kids she makes will be your kids too. (How do you tactfully explain this to a 4 year old?)
Mason: No Mommy, I don’t want to make people.
Me: You don’t want to have kids?
Mason: No.
Me: OK, well you don’t have to.  You don’t want to get married?
Mason: Yes, I want to get married, but I don’t want to make people.  I only want to make myself.
Me: You just want to be yourself?
Mason: No, I want to only MAKE myself.  I want to make another MASON!
Me: Oh Lord.
Mason: (Laughs) I only like myself, not other people.
Me: Well, that sounds good to me.  You making another Mason would be the best revenge.
Mason: Mommy, what is “revidge”?
Me: It’s what happens when you make another Mason and have to be responsible for him. (laughing)
Mason: Oh! (laughs)  Yeah that will be hard.



Another Upgrade!

Woohoo look at me!  I added another upgrade to my blog.  Take a peek to the right-hand side of the page (about mid way down) and you will see a new “follow me” button called Networked Blogs.  It ties your Facebook photo to my blog to actually show my followers!  Sweet!  I found this new option from visiting a fellow blogger’s site.  I’ve been looking for something like this for some time.  Thanks Valerie!

Now the sad part, even though I get a pretty decent amount of daily hits, I really don’t have many attached followers.  Hopefully this will help!

Tuesday Confessional 05/21

Busy Bee

I missed posting last week because things have been so hectic.  Below is a recap in pictures!     :)


Brie's Pigtails

Mother’s Day- the kids always dress-up fancy for a nice brunch and then we do something fun. This year we ate at Lavendou and went to the Dallas Zoo!


Brunch at Lavendou

First Haircut!

Brie’s very first haircut!!  She finally has some hair!

Brie's First Haircut

First Swim of the Year

Mason Swiming

Brie Swimming

First Father-Son Camp Out






And yes, my kids are pretty much naked all the time.  It’s Texas and it’s hot.  If you lived here, you wouldn’t blame us.  Your lucky my husband has his clothes on.  ;)