How to Make Custom Napkins and Napkin Rings

I decided to make a custom table cloth to match the china I already owned.  For the tablecloth instructions see here:

How to Make a Custom Tablecloth

This post explains how to make custom napkins and napkin rings to match a tablecloth or match whatever decor you choose.

How to Make Custom Napkin and Napkin Rings

For the custom napkins, it is as simple as taking fabric squares 12″ x 12″ and hemming all the way around.

Custom Napkin

For the napkin rings, start by using a strip of fabric that is 14 ” wide and fold it in half.


Cut strips that are 3″ wide.  I needed six napkin rings, so I cut six strips.



Next, turn the strips with right sides together and sew both of the long sides by using a 1/4 inch seam.


Then, on the one remaining open end, turn down the top just 1/4 of an inch and iron it.


Then turn the whole ring to be right side out and press it flat.


Because you turned down the edge before turning the ring right-side-out, now all four sides has a clean edge.

Insert the sewn edge into the open end so the ring forms a circle.


Now for the tricky part, either hand sew or machine sew the two pieces together so they are permanently attached.  Below is a picture of how to accomplish this on a machine, but it’s not exactly easy.


The finished seam:


You can accentuate the napkin rings with pins for various holidays.

Holiday Napkin and Napkin Rings


Or make them to match your custom table cloth.


How to Make a Custom Tablecloth

I searched every store for a dinning room tablecloth which would match the china I already have, but was unable to find one.  So after investing a bit of thought into the topic, I decided to make my own.

How to Make a Custom Tablecloth

I bought two coordinated fabrics and made the table cloth and matching napkins and napkin rings.  The accessories shown here are Christmas/Winter themed, but you can use a tablecloth like this for any occasion.

Start by laying out the base fabric on top of your table and trim it within 6 inches of your table top.

As the second step, I always like to ensure I have a straight edge to work with.  So I take one thread of the fabric and pull it through so I can find the grain and straight edge of the fabric.


This line creates a straight line to trim the tablecloth top so it is square on all sides.


Next, cut the fabric which will be used for the accent to match the length of the tablecloth.  In my case, I had a perfect rectangle shaped table and cut six equal length strips (two for the short ends and four for the long ends).  I had to sew two lengths together for each of the long sides.


Next, sew both strips of accent fabric to the short sides of the tablecloth.  Place right-sides of the fabric together and sew a simple 1/4 inch seam.  Then sew both of the long sides together in the same manner.  This is what it will look like:


You can leave it like this and hem it, however, if you want it to look a little more symmetrical, I suggest making a “fake” seam so it will look like this:


You do this by pinning the underside of the corner and then sewing it, as if you had sewn two pieces together.

Fake Seem

Close up of the fake seam (sewn like a dart):


The only thing left to do is hem the whole perimeter and you are done!


For the post on making the matching napkins and napkin rings, see here:

Custom Napkins and Napkin Rings

Dear Valerie- 0 F’s to Give

Warning: Some of you may find this offensive…and sometimes I am offensive, so skip this post…if you are offended.  :)

This is a special posting for a fellow blogger I read quite often.  Her site is very funny and very nerdy in a great way (not in a *I can’t get laid* nerd way).  I recently read her blog and she has a case of the blue’s and I promised a special post to cheer her up.  She is edgy and cool, so I scoured the internet, in my unedgy and uncool way, to find things to make her smile.

Salute Valerie!

Dedicated to those who need to worry a little less in life:


baby flight



super heros 0 f's


I love Zena!

I love Zena!


Kids Craft- Spring Caterpillars

This is a cute and very easy preschool or toddler craft for spring.  I saw this at my son’s school and wanted to share it.  It requires paper egg cartons (our teacher solicited the parents to gather everyone’s used ones), some Tempera paint, a marker for the eyes (or pre-made googly eyes) and pipe cleaners.

Spring Caterpillars!


Cut the egg cartons and have the children use the Tempera paint to color them.  Draw on the eyes and help them poke in the pipe cleaners.  Super easy.  They can help with the wall display too, if you choose to have one!

Spring Caterpillars Craft

Spring Caterpillars Wall Display


You can include this activity along with lesson plans to learn about the morphing stages of butterflies.