Bad Piggies Bag

My son attends a private preschool and they have particular rules about what kind of bags the kids can use.  I don’t agree with the rule, but I have to comply.  Every child attending Pre-K 1 or Pre-K 2 has to use an open top bag with straps.  So to make it at least somewhat enjoyable for my son, I promised to create a bag of his choosing.  Since he LOVES Angry Birds, he said he wanted a bag with a big piggie on it.  I happen to find the perfect picture for his bag, but the trick was getting the picture off of its origin to its destination.

Bad Piggies School Bag

To make this cool bag above, I had to buy a few materials.  I bought an open top black bag.  I also found a T-shirt with the featured design which met both my son’s criteria (a big piggie) and had an appropriate theme for use as a school bag.  I also bought some pages designed to make iron-on transfers for dark colors.


First I put the T-Shirt onto the scanner and scanned the design into my computer.  I made a few adjustments and made the below picture:

King Piggie King Pig

Then I printed the design on the transfer paper, trimmed it and prepared it to be ironed.


Then ironed it on the bag…



Then I added some iron-on letters for his name and done!

Tuesday Confessional 09/10

First Dance Class


OMG such tiny feet!


Garden Update

This is my first eggplant and I think it is a thing of beauty!

Eggplant on the Vine

And Brussels Sprouts!

Brussels Sprouts


I am very sorry to my blog followers for my long absence from making personal posts.  I have been working so much and now I am going to be on vacation for some time.  My hope however, if that during vacation I might find some time to make a few more scheduled posts and include some personal thoughts which I have been neglecting.  Please don’t give up on me, I’ll be back soon!