Tuesday Confessional 11/26

Wow me!

So a few times I have been surprised by the favorable responses I’ve received for my blog.  Here are a few of my favorites!

I am featured on a Japanese (?) website for awesome pom pom parties…or at least that is what I think the page is for…. can someone help me translate? ;)  Google translate seems to indicate they like my varied use of materials in my pom poms.

6th Link on the page

Another time, I was featured on a French Canadian mommy blog which was apparently searching for how to make an M&M cake and loved my site.  I lost the link, but saved the title.  I tried to find the link again, but couldn’t.  :(

“je cherche un gateau avec des mm au milieu”

Apparently today I was featured on a blog which I am going to assume was for my awesome gingerbread houses…but it’s only a guess because you have to create an account to log in and check.  Someone want to find out for me?  Maybe they were just bitching about my over use of pink.


And lastly but not leastly…a few weeks ago I was contacted over Facebook from a desperate housewife who wanted to pay me to make tutu invitations for her daughter’s first birthday party…I kindly and gently let her know that I do not sell things from my blog, I post them for free for any mom to download and make herself.  I don’t think she liked that answer.  :)

Hey…flattery will get you anywhere with me, keep it coming! Ha!

How to mend crochet lace

My dear friend bought a lovely shirt which had crochet lace around the sleeve and hem.  As she was leaving home one day, she caught the sleeve on a snag and ripped it.  She brought it to me to see if I could mend it.  After some careful thought, I figured it out!

Mend Crochet Lace

It’s not perfect, but to the naked eye, you can’t tell!



To do this fix, I used same/like colored thread as the original.  I sewed a few loops of thread between the two broken pieces and left the same distance between them as was there before.  Then by grouping together the original frayed threads along with my added threads, I looped the thread around them to create a cord.  From a distance, you can not tell the “fixed pieces” are corded thread because they blend in with the original crochet links.

After you have a few threads together, loop the thread around them to create a cord.

After you have a few threads together, loop the thread around them to create a cord.

Be sure to follow the original pattern in logical order so all the connections are reestablished and it mimics the original pattern.  Good luck!

Tuesday Confessional 11/19

Ode to Strong Women

While the Miley’s and Amanda’s of America are busy doing their crazy thing, other women throughout the world are risking their lives to gain rights we already take for granted.  I would like for everyone to take a moment to read two stories about some amazing women who have so much to lose but risk it all for what is right:


The above link tells the quick story of Malala Yousafzai a 16 year old Pakistani rights activist.  In 2012 she was shot in the head and left for dead by the Taliban for speaking out about a woman’s rights to go to school and obtain education.  She recently published the memoir, I am Malala.

“I believe the gun has no power because a gun can only kill,” she said. “But a pen can give life.”


Mathura was one of the first women in India to challenge her rapists in court.  When she was younger than 16 in 1972 she was raped by officers at her local police station, a place where she had gone seeking help.  Being raped in India was seen as a fault of the victim and never did they risk taking their attackers to court. And even through she had the courage to seek justice, there was none for her then, nor now.  The link above gives a realistic view of her situation and hopefully spurs others to continue to fight for the basic rights we all should hold dear.

“I tried very hard to forget,” Mathura tells me. “I tried very hard to start my life all over again. I had no choice.”

These are the types of women I want my daughter to admire.

Toddler Square Toss/Sort Game

When the kids are bored, sometimes I randomly make up silly games to entertain them because the brain strain to make up a silly game is less than what it takes to deal with whiny kids.  :)  So as a result, I am sharing an easy, fun and successful activity which you can try with your children.  All it requires is some painter’s tape and random colored/shaped objects.

Toddler Square Toss

Use painter’s tape to make a tic-tac-toe box on the floor.  Then give instructions to the kids that the boxes are numbered 1-9 from left to right, top to bottom (use very simple terms to explain the numbered boxes of course).  Then use colored shaped objects as the “tossers”.  We chose pretend food shapes from a play kitchen.  When the game starts, instruct them one-at-a-time to:

Choose a green one and toss in square 1…or

Choose a red one and toss in square 5…etc.

My son is almost 5 and he loved the challenge and the math involved and trying to toss it into the right square so that it stayed without bouncing out.  My daughter is 2.5 years and we gave her more simple instructions like:

Choose a red one and place it next to the bacon…

Choose a green one and place it next to the croissant…

She really loved finding the right food items and colors.  The numbered squares were a bit tricky for her, but just naming objects and placing colors was great.  That’s actually her running out of the picture after placing her item successfully.

Give it a try on some rainy day when you are stuck inside with the kids!

Thanksgiving Skittles Turkey Activity

I love this idea for a quick and fun holiday activity for the little ones.  This is called a Skittles Turkey, and as you would guess, you give them Skittles candies to sort by color and place in the circle areas.

Skittles Turkey

I saw this cute idea on the website makinglearningfun.com.  Click the link to see the original.  However, their version had WAY too many slots for Skittles in my opinion.  I mean WAY too many.  My kids would be bouncing off the walls!  So I made this “reduced Skittles version”.  My version only requires 10 Skittles which is plenty enough for one sitting.

Free download below: