Boiled Egg Carrier

This is a simple idea I thought of while I was on my diet.  One of my allowed snack foods was boiled eggs.  So I boiled them at home, but to carry them to work conveniently, I cut an egg carton just big enough to carry two.  It works perfectly.  I put two eggs in, carry them to work and store them in the carton in the work refrigerator.  Try it!


Boiled Egg Carrier

Shabby Chic Diaper Cake

I have a relative who is having a baby shower soon and I was asked to create a diaper cake for her.  I’ve never done one before (believe it or not) so I had to figure it out through trial and error.  The theme was already assigned and it was Grey and Pink Shabby Chic.  That theme is not really my forte, but I gave it a go!

Shabby Chic Diaper Cake

I think it came out looking a little more elegant and blingy than shabby chic, but hey, I can’t win them all!




Picture Collage

This is a cute idea from my son’s school.  They recently made picture collages.  The children painted a canvas in whatever color they chose.  They also chose various items and pictures for the collage.  Then the teacher covered it in Modge Podge (I believe).  Cute huh?

Toddler Picture Collage

Also they put a printed listing on the back of the canvas to show everything he included in his collage.


Angry Birds Birthday

For those who follow my blog, you know I usually put a lot of time and effort into my children’s birthday parties.  My son’s 5th birthday party fell a little short.  Not because I wasn’t willing to put in the effort, but because the venue he chose happened to be very restrictive.  Normally I bring in tons of extra stuff (goodies, vegi tray, fruit tray, specialty items) but this place did not allow anything except cake, ice cream and water.  Period.  What a let down!  Well, anyway, without further adieu, or otherwise known as excuse making, here are the photos of the party:

Angry Birds Cake

This cake was beautifully and deliciously crafted by Cakes-4-All in Carrollton.

Angry Birds Cake 2

And somehow, I failed to take a picture of the birthday table as a whole, but around the cake, we had wall stickers and hanging decorations.

Angry Birds Decorations

Angry Birds Decorations 2


And we had these amazingly cute goodie bags made by Fun Party Crafts who has a store on eBay.  These super cute bags were such a hit with the kids.  They are hand made with foam paper.

Angry Birds Goodie Bags

Bad Piggies Goodie Bag

Red Bird Goodie Bag

Bomb Bird Goodie Bag


Yellow Bird Goodie Bag

Happy Birthday Boy and his sister are both wearing their Angry Birds T-shirts!


And the Bad Piggies got what they deserved!!


Tuesday Confessional 02/04


I’ve been missing for a while.  I officially started my company as of Jan 1 and it’s been crazy.  The extra amount of time it takes to run payroll and take care of daily bookkeeping has caused everything else to take a back seat.  So far it is going really well and I am pleased although I am still taking everything with caution and being careful with my choices.  We’ll see if my company survives the first year?!


Insomnia really sucks.  I suffer from it occasionally and especially when I am stressed.  Tonight I laid awake from 1-4 AM before finally deciding to get up and do something constructive…aka blog.  Since starting my new company (actually since leaving my last job several months ago) I’ve slept much better and this is the first episode of insomnia I have had in a long time, so I can’t complain too much.