Do I have to do everything myself?

My son recently stayed with his grandmother for a sleepover.  He just turned four years old and he’s at the age now where he will tattle on you if you are not careful!

Me: (I was putting Mason to bed.) Do you want your ceiling fan on tonight? (It’s a rhetorical question because he ALWAYS sleeps with the fan on.)
Mason: Yes.  Mommy, when I stayed at Nana’s house, she forgot to turn the fan on!
Me: Oh she did?  Did you ask her to turn it on?
Mason: Yeah, but she didn’t hear me.  I called and called to her but she did not come.  She put a chair by the bed so I could climb down.  So I climbed down and I called and called for her.  So then I pulled the chair to the wall and climbed up.  I turned on the fan and had to pull the chair back, and then I had to climb back up on the bed and get back under the covers!  It was exhausting!

I love You, Now Leave

My son doesn’t get sick very often (as much as most little kids his age), in fact we just took him to the doctor and he’s been put on antibiotics for the first time in over a year.  He has an upper respiratory infection so he’s not feeling very well.  Aside from being very resilient, he also is very independent.  When he gets sick it is one of the rare times when he wants his mommy.  We are pretty strict about the kid’s sleeping habits but in this case I told Mason I would lay in his bed with him till he fell asleep.  We did the normal night time routine of brush teeth, night clothes, milk in a sippie and read a book together.  Then I told him the one rule to Mommy sleeping with Mason is he had to lay down and be still and not talk.

Me: (turns off the light and lays down in the bed) OK, Mommy is here and remember the rule?
Mason: (nods his head and sips his milk from his sippie cup.  He reaches over to me and tries to find my hand.  I give him my hand and he wants to hold it while he sips his milk.  This was very sweet to me because he never does things like that).  Mommy, I love you.
Me: I love you too son.
Mason: (Sits up in the bed)
Me: Mason, what’s the rule?
Mason: (lies down) Mommy, I like the stars…
Me: Mason…rule?
Mason: (finishes his milk and hands the cup to me) I’m done.
Me: (I put the cup aside by don’t say anything)
Mason: Mommy?……Mommy?…..Mommy?….
Me: Mason, I told you the rule.
Mason: But Mommy….I’m tired.
Me: Then you have to lay down and be still and go to sleep.  That’s why I told you the rule.
Mason: But Mommy…I am tired and I want to go to sleep now.  You have to leave.
Me: Oh, LOL, you can’t sleep while I’m here?  You want me to go now?
Mason: Yes, I want to sleep, you go.

Certain Days of the Week

I haven’t posted one of these categories of posts in a while and I really miss them!  This is a conversation with my son from this morning and it’s quite cute.  It requires a back story, however.  Since Mason was 2.5 and I taught him the days-of-the-week, he for some reason really liked Tuesday.  I have no idea why, it just happened.  Every time we quizzed him on what day it was, if it happened to be Tuesday, he got all giddy and would sing “Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!”  On the way to preschool this morning:

Me: You are such a smart boy!
Mason: Not every day.
Me: What?  Not every day?  Yes, you are smart every day!
Mason: Not on Tuesdays.
Me: (laughing) Why are you not smart on Tuesdays?
Mason: Because on Tuesdays I am silly and I play!
Me: Because it is your favorite day?
Mason: Yes, I am very silly on Tuesdays!

I guess Tuesday is the new Friday.  Who knew?

When Toddlers Text

I picked up my phone to text a friend and I noticed something strange.  At first I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  I saw messages I did not recognize and at first I thought they came from her.  Then I realized what happened.  The texts looked like this:

Lllllllllkkkhhgf (sent)

(picture of my daughter) (sent)

LkkkkkkkkkkkkkkhhgggggfffffdfMason (sent)

Mason (sent)

(video of my son swimming naked in the swimming pool) (sent)

My son had started texting my friend during a time when I “thought” he was playing his alphabet game on my iPhone.  On the downside…he is only three and is already sending nude pics of himself on a phone.  On the upside…at least he knows how to spell his name! Ha!


Boats are Nocturnal!

Recently some family members invited us to go on a boat ride with them and see some fireworks.  Since the fireworks were included, it was a bit late for us to take our daughter (1 year old) so we left her with the sitter and got to have some close time with just Mason (3.5 years).  The boat we rode was located at the end of a very long boat dock.  On the way out that night as we passed all the boats after the sun had gone down, Mason announced for everyone:

Boats are nocturnal just like bats are!

Well, in this case, I guess they are.  LOL