Bad Piggies Bag

My son attends a private preschool and they have particular rules about what kind of bags the kids can use.  I don’t agree with the rule, but I have to comply.  Every child attending Pre-K 1 or Pre-K 2 has to use an open top bag with straps.  So to make it at least somewhat enjoyable for my son, I promised to create a bag of his choosing.  Since he LOVES Angry Birds, he said he wanted a bag with a big piggie on it.  I happen to find the perfect picture for his bag, but the trick was getting the picture off of its origin to its destination.

Bad Piggies School Bag

To make this cool bag above, I had to buy a few materials.  I bought an open top black bag.  I also found a T-shirt with the featured design which met both my son’s criteria (a big piggie) and had an appropriate theme for use as a school bag.  I also bought some pages designed to make iron-on transfers for dark colors.


First I put the T-Shirt onto the scanner and scanned the design into my computer.  I made a few adjustments and made the below picture:

King Piggie King Pig

Then I printed the design on the transfer paper, trimmed it and prepared it to be ironed.


Then ironed it on the bag…



Then I added some iron-on letters for his name and done!

Kids Craft- Spring Caterpillars

This is a cute and very easy preschool or toddler craft for spring.  I saw this at my son’s school and wanted to share it.  It requires paper egg cartons (our teacher solicited the parents to gather everyone’s used ones), some Tempera paint, a marker for the eyes (or pre-made googly eyes) and pipe cleaners.

Spring Caterpillars!


Cut the egg cartons and have the children use the Tempera paint to color them.  Draw on the eyes and help them poke in the pipe cleaners.  Super easy.  They can help with the wall display too, if you choose to have one!

Spring Caterpillars Craft

Spring Caterpillars Wall Display


You can include this activity along with lesson plans to learn about the morphing stages of butterflies.

Ten-Minute Flower Clip- Free Template

Recently on a trip through Pinterest, I saw a foreign posting for the cutest flower hair clip I have seen.  It looked easy, so I thought I would try it, but little did I know how easy it really was!

Flower Hair Clip

Start by printing a small circle on paper and cutting it out.  I have a handy-dandy free printable below with the perfect size circle for this project.


Cut out five circles of felt or fleece fabric.  (Just make sure to use any fabric where the edges do not fray.)  The fabric I chose was “Cotton Candy Pink, Blizzard Fleece”.


Fold each circle in half and you will sew along the bottom.  I happen to have pink thread, but the thread does not have to be the same color as your fabric because it will not show except on the bottom side.


Sew big stitches (only one or two per circle).  I found out the hard way, the smaller and closer the stitches, the harder of a time you will have gathering it later.  So make your stitches bigger than the ones in my photos.  :)


Overlap the edges slightly and sew all five folded circles in a row.



Then wrap them into a circle, overlap the two ends, just like the others, and sew them together- but do not tie off the thread!


Now, slowly and carefully, gather the thread so that the hole in the middle is very small or completely gone.


Quickly and tightly, tie off the thread so the flower does not unravel.


Lastly, sew a decorative button (like a pearl or rhinestone) on one side and a hair clip on the other.  Super easy, right?  It took me about 10 minutes to make!



Here is my favorite model…



At the end of this post, I have included the free downloadable circle template (it’s just a circle about 2″ in diameter) so a template is not really required, but available if you choose.

Here is the picture and website that I “reverse engineered” to make my version of this flower hair clip.  It’s a foreign language site, but I visited it myself and it appears to be safe.

Website With Original Idea

Original photo from website as seen on Pinterest:

flower hair clips

Free Downloadable Template:

Party Bag Labels- Free Download

This idea was part of the Valentines Party, for the entire post see here:

Valentines Party

This post is a how-to for making simple labels for party goodie bags.  There is a free template attached below.

Party Bag Labels



Just download the free template, and update the names for the labels as you choose.  I have a couple of names entered on the page so you can see how it is done.  Then print them, cut them out and glue the to whatever bag you choose.

Valentines Heart Tree Table Decorations

For the entire Valentines Party post, see here:

Valentines Party

This post is a how-to for making these heart tree table decorations.

Valentines Heart Trees

These can be made from any type of paper, either solid color or printed.  For the party I purchased a printable package which included matching printed papers.  You can also print these on plain colored paper or specialty papers from the hobby store.  At the bottom of this post is a free download you can use to print the heart shapes onto any paper.

Start by using card stock or other similar weight paper to make the cones.  I used the heavy paper they use in the middle of wrapping paper rolls.


Then print the heart shapes onto whatever papers you plan to use.



Then cut out the hearts.


Then glue them upside down onto the forms by using a drop of glue in the middle.  Cover the entire form.



Super cute!


I got the original idea from here, and hers are much more elegant:

Valentine Heart Cone Tree Tutorial

Heart Shaped Download: