Little Girl’s Wall Decoration

This item is so simple, it’s really not worth posting.  Recently at Michael’s they had these decorative wooden pieces which you can paint and attach together.  I chose a few to make this cute monogrammed wall hanging.


Super easy and cute.


Toddler Room- Trucks!

We bought my son a convertible crib which works as a crib, daybed with side-rail, daybed, or a full-sized bed.  We recently went through the transformation to move his room from baby to toddler!

For the original room post see:

Boy Baby/Toddler Room- Trucks!

Below is his new updated room with a big kid bed!

Toddler Room Trucks

Mason was very excited and helped along the way.



Sister helped too!



The bed set was purchased here, and comes in crib, twin, full or queen:

Construction Zone

Hair Bow Holder

Yes, I totally stole this from Pinterest.

It’s super easy.  I think it took me more time to hang it on the wall than it did to make it.  You just need a nifty picture frame (I chose one half-off at Hobby Lobby in the ready-made frames section), a roll of ribbon and a box of small hooks.

First, flip the frame to the back and using a staple gun or whatever device you choose, attach the ribbon in strips.  I started by taping the strips first to get them lined up properly and then stapled them.

Then screw the hooks into the bottom of the frame about 1″ apart.

Hang it on the wall…

And clip on your bows and headbands.

Credit to the first posting I saw of it here:

Hairclip Holder

Girl Baby/Toddler Room- Pink and Green

I was hired to do professional stenciling on an accent wall for my friend’s baby room.  She has excellent taste and the room was a huge success!

I did the work on the stenciling on the accent wall.  My friend Meghan did the rest with a little help from some others.  I’ll list some of the details with the additional pictures below.  She has a great style!

I love the latices above the window.

Meghan refinished this mirror and painted the pink accents.

Meghan’s friend sewed the bed fittings and also created the awesome foot poof below using fabric Meghan supplied.  The foot poof is filled with reused materials such as old newspaper and shopping bags.

Meghan made the flower lamp (similar to the one I also made for the Butterflies and Bows room) with a modern flair.

Meghan made the baby name frame seen here:

Another cute idea is this shelf in the shape of a dollhouse.

The stenciling in progress:

I will update this post with all the details about where she bought things, what colors were used and so forth…I was so excited to make the post, I’ll have to go back and update it with the details when I receive them from her.

One last look at the accent wall:

Girl Baby/Toddler Room- Birds and Trees

As a gift for my friend, I offered to paint her baby’s room in whatever she wanted.  Here is what she chose!  The white modern shadowbox tree is my work.  The rest of the decorations she handled.

Baby Girl Birds and Trees

Another angle:

Her inspiration came from this website:

Project Nursery

More pics:

This mobile was ordered on Etsy from:

Love Bug Lullaby

Her room color is “Calabash” and the tree is just made from a standard white interior eggshell.