Fourth of July Cake

I thought of this cool idea to make a Fourth of July cake that looks like a flag.  Here are the step-by-step instructions for how to do this yourself!

Fourth of July Flag Cake

Fourth of July Flag Cake v2

This is a really fun cake to make and it has a nice surprise inside!

To duplicate this cake exactly, you will need:

Two boxes of white cake mix (and ingredients needed to make them)
Two cans of whipped white icing
One or two 8×8 cake pan(s)
Red and Blue food coloring
A battenburg cake pan (or you can cut the rectangles manually)
One package of Wilton Sugar Sheets (in red, blue and yellow)
Patriotic sprinkles
Icing Bag and #32 icing tip.
Star shaped cookie cutters or star shaped print outs


First you will need the two white cake mixes.  I used the egg white version of the recipe for the mix to make sure it was bright white.  After mixing the first cake mix, take about 5 tablespoons of the mix from the bowl and save it aside.  With the large portion of mix, use red food coloring and die it red.  Bake it in the 8×8 pan.  With the saved portion, use blue food coloring to die it blue.  Use the blue mix to cook six portions in the battenburg pan, or bake it in a mini 6×3 pan and manually cut the rectangles.

With the second mix, also prepare it, but save out about 5 tablespoons.  With the large portion, make a white 8×8 cake and six portions of white battenburg rectangles.  The result will be one white and one red 8×8 cake, and six white rectangle and six blue rectangle cakes.

Put all of the cakes into the freezer.  Once frozen, trim the tops of both of the white and red cakes to make them flat.  Then cut them in half.  Having frozen cakes makes this process much easier.  Lay the four portions of white and red cake in layers like this:


Trim also the tops of the battenburg pieces so they are straight.  These are the battenburg blue and white cakes:


Then cut a section out of the red and white cake base to fit the blue and white pieces like this:


Save the piece of red that you cut away and use it as another layer on top. Then trim all the away around the cake to make it even.  You may need to return the cake to the freezer for a bit to make this easier.


Next, ice a “crumb coat” of icing all around the molded red and white cake.  Start icing and placing the battenburg pieces in one-at-a-time until everything is iced.



Return the cake to the freezer until you ready to finish the decorating and serve it.  Meanwhile, use the star shaped cookie cutters or print outs to cut out star shapes on the Wilton Sugar Sheets.


When you are ready to decorate the cake, use the icing, icing bag and decorating tip to put icing stars on the cake.


Then put the Sugar Sheet stars and sprinkles.  (Be sure to remove the backing from the Sugar Sheet.)



When you are ready to cut the cake, make sure everyone is gathered around to watch the fun!







The Lorax Cake Pops

For the entire party, see here:

The Lorax Birthday Party

This post is to showcase the super cake pops from the party.

The Lorax Cake Pops

Unfortunately I can not take credit for these.  I ordered them from a woman who ran a cake pop business, but she recently closed her shop.  So sad.  :(





The Lorax Birthday Cake

For the entire birthday party post, view here:

The Lorax Birthday Party

This post is the how-to for making a Lorax Birthday Cake with surprise center!

The Lorax Birthday Cake

The cake is super simple to make, but finding or making all the decorations on top of it is another story.  The Lorax figure is a cakeball which was professionally made and I just used it as a topper on the cake.  The cotton candy truffela trees were made by using long pop sticks and a cotton candy maker.  The cake is baked using a Wilton giant cupcake baking pan.

I simply baked the cake using the cupcake pan, scooped out a section in the base of the cake and put M&Ms in it.  Then put the two portions of the cake together and iced it.



When you cut the cake open, there are M&Ms in the middle and the kids go crazy!




The Lorax Birthday Party

Finally, the post I have been talking about for weeks!  Mason’s 4th birthday party theme is…The Lorax!!!

The Lorax Birthday

The theme was “The Lorax” and the colors were orange, yellow, blue and hot pink.













The cake with a surprise in the middle was a big hit!!!


And sister dressed for the occasion!


In the coming weeks, I will create individual posts on how-to’s for all the ideas you see above.  They will automatically show up until the comments section below so you can link to them.

First Birthday Mini Cake

For my daughter’s first birthday I chose the theme “Ballerina Ball”. The post for the entire party is here:

Ballerina Birthday

I made a mini-replica of her birthday cake for her to eat herself at the party.

Photo courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

To make the cake, I baked one cupcake (bottom layer) and one smaller cake baked in a mini tart pan (top layer).  I covered it in fondant, quilted the bottom and added French Dragees and added the petals from hydrangea to match the full sized cake.  To see the full sized cake click this post here:

Peony Princess Cake

Before she ate the cake, I removed the Hydrangeas and Dragees and let her have at it!

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX