My Little Pony Party- Free Downloads

To view the entire party, click here:

My Little Pony Rainbow Birthday Party

Below are the free downloadable files to print and create your own My Little Pony editable food labels and a party activity listing.  Also below is a link to buy printable sheets for cupcake toppers, invitations and water bottle labels.  And lastly, the links to buy the cute top and hat my daughter wore for the party.

My Little Pony- Free Downloads


My Little Pony Food Labels:

My Little Pony Party Activities List:

Links To:

My Little Pony Water Bottle Labels

My Little Pony Cupcake Toppers

My Little Pony Party Invitations

My Little Pony Personalized Party Hat

My Little Pony Personalized Shirt

Cloud with Rainbow Ceiling Decoration

I am going to show you how to create an awesome homemade realistic looking cloud for a rainbow ceiling decoration.  This decoration was used for a My Little Pony birthday party for my daughter.  To view the complete party, click here:

My Little Pony Birthday

Rainbow and Cloud Ceiling

I’m not going to say this decoration is hard…because it is not, but it is time consuming!  A lot more than I initially thought it would be.  And honestly, because you have to use pillow stuffing and stray adhesive, it’s a bit expensive.

Items you will need:

  • 8-10 plain balloons
  • 1-2 cups of flour
  • newspaper or manilla paper
  • 1 bag of pillow stuffing
  • spray adhesive
  • Fishing string (for hanging)
  • 7-8 colored plastic table cloths
  • Push pins
  • A nail or hook

Start by blowing up a few plain balloons, preferably white.  Also mix up some paste using a cup or two of flour and just add a touch of water until it becomes pasty.


Next, connect the balloons together in the best way you can find.  I simply used very long pieces of scotch tape.


Then, being very gentle, use your hands or a paint brush and brush on the paste and attach strips of newspaper or plain manilla paper.  Do one side at a time and then completely let it dry.  This is the time consuming part.  It takes several hours to dry before you can flip it over and then several more hours to dry before you can attach the stuffing.  Once it is completely dry, work in small sections to spray a bit of adhesive and then attach a bit of stuffing.


Once the cloud is fully covered and dried, you are ready to hang it!  We completed the cloud the weekend before the party but kept it stored until the night before.  We hung the decorations that night while the children slept and they woke up to a cool surprise.  Start by laying out the tablecloths on the floor in the pattern you want to hang them on the ceiling.  I chose to fan them out from the center of the room in a circle.  I gathered the center section and secured it with fishing line.  Then we hung the center wire to a nail in the ceiling and used push pins to attach the other ends of the tablecloths around the ceiling.


Also use fishing line to encircle the cloud and tie a knot at the top where it will be evenly balanced.  This step took us a few tries of trial and error because it kept trying to hand crooked!



The original idea for this super cute decoration came from:

The Farm Chicks: How to Make a Cloud

My Little Pony Rainbow Birthday Party

This year for my daughter’s third birthday, the theme she chose was My Little Pony.  For the decorations we could have chosen to stay primarily pink or go with a rainbow theme.  I decided to go with rainbow!

My Little Pony Rainbow Birthday

Rainbow and Cloud Ceiling

I made a main table which was perfect for the theme, however the best part was the Rainbow and Cloud ceiling decoration.  It was very reminiscent of a wedding ceiling draping, but with rainbow colors and a perfect cloud perched just below it.

My Little Pony Gift Bags

I also ordered themed gift bags which were absolutely adorable.

My Little Pony 2

My Little Pony 3

I made a couple of small fondant cakes for the occasion.

My Little Pony Cake

My Little Pony Cake 2


And of course, the party would not be a complete event without a super matching outfit!  I ordered this cute birthday shirt and made the matching tutu.

My Little Pony Birthday Shirt and Tutu

The party events included a petting zoo, a real-life my little pony ride, pin the tail on the pony, rainbow hair coloring and a pinata.

It made a very happy birthday girl!  Happy 3rd Birthday to my little darling, Brie.


And as always, for my dear loyal readers, I will post the details of how to make, purchase or find each of the items from this party.  All printables I post for free download and I always quote my source when I find a great idea from someone else.  Over the next few weeks, additional links to the details on how to make or find each item will be linked back to this page under the “comments” section.  Those links will lead you to the details of how to replicate this party!

Shabby Chic Baby Shower

A few months ago, I co-hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law.  I am very behind on posts at the moment.  :)  Here are a few sweet ideas for a very girly shabby chic baby shower.

Shabby Chic Baby Shower

Shabby Chic Baby Shower Cake

Shabby Chic Baby Wreath

The wreath above is made with cloth diapers and scraps of burlap and regular ribbons.

Shabby Chic Baby Shower Sign In Table

And for this awesome diaper cake, check out the link below…

Shabby Chic Diaper Cake

Shabby Chic Diaper Cake

And the Food was yummy!

Shabby Chic Floral Centerpiece





Easter Bunny Invitations- Free Download

Every year, as many families do, we have an annual family get-together for Easter.  The adults eat food and the kids hunt eggs and it’s a great time.  This year I wanted to make a special invitation the kids could help me make. For anyone who wants to make these next year, I have included a free downloadable printout.

Fuzzy Easter Bunny Invitations

Step 1: Purchase the Materials

You will need card stock for printing sturdy cards, glue or rubber cement, cotton balls, a multicolor or pink mini boa, and self-sticking or glue-able jewels for the eyes.

Step 2: Print out the first side of the bunnies

Print this attached free downloadable template for the front of the invitations.  It makes 2 bunnies approximately 5×6 per page.


Step 3: Flip over the printed pages and print the other side

You may want to try this a few times on regular paper.  After using the download above, use this second download to print the back side of the bunnies.  If you are using standard 8.5×11 cardstock, this back printing should line up correctly on the bunnies.


Step 4: Cut out the bunnies and check both sides





Step 5: Glue the decorations

I found using Rubber Cement worked better than regular glue, but either will work.  First pull apart the cotton balls into pieces and glue the strips onto the front of the card.  Then pull pieces off of the mini feather boa for the ears and tail and glue them on.  Lastly, stick on the eye and you are done!