Boy Quilted Baby Blanket- Trucks!

My son loved the baby blanket I made for my daughter so much he asked for me to make one for him.  I used the same pattern I used for my daughter, but instead of hearts in the quilt squares, I chose the theme of trucks because it matched his room.  And he likes trucks!

I bought the pattern to make this quilt so I can not give the step-by-step instructions but I will show you how to make the truck stencil because that was my own work.

A few pics of piecing the quilt together:

Below are the steps to make the truck shaped patches for the quilt.  You can use these same steps to make any shape patches for clothes, bags or any fabric.To add the truck patches onto the quilt, draw the outline of your shape onto the paper side of “Heat-n-Bond” material.  Be sure to draw it in reverse from what you want your end design to look like because this is the back side of the pattern.

Then iron on the material to the back of the fabric you plan to use for the design.

Then cut out the shape:

Lastly, you iron on the patches to the quilt by removing the paper backing and using the iron as directed.

Here is the finished product, front and back:

And my son is happy!

The pattern to make the quilt is sold here:

Baby Blanket Quilt Pattern

The link to the other quilt I made for my daughter is here:

Girl Quilted Baby Blanket- Hearts!

Girl Quilted Baby Blanket- Hearts!

For my daughter’s birthday I made some fabric pom poms to decorate the party.  After the party I wanted to use the scraps to make something instead of just throwing them away.  So I came up with the idea to make her a quilted baby blanket.  I used the left over material from the satin table covers and the fabric scraps from the fabric pom poms to make this lovely blanket.

I can not do a true step-by-step post for this because I bought the pattern and it would not be appropriate for me to give away the steps.  So below I have posted the link on where to buy the pattern.

Here are some pics of the blanket through the process:

And the finished product, front and back:

The link to the quilt pattern can be found at:

Baby Blanket Sized Quilt- Hearts

The link to my posting for the fabric pom poms where I used the scraps before I turned them into a quilt is at:

Fabric Pom Poms


Kid’s Table and Chair Covers

For my daughter’s first birthday I chose the theme “Ballerina Ball”. The post for the entire party is here:

Ballerina Birthday

I wanted the party to have a special elegance (like a wedding) and so I decided to cover my daughter’s child table with a special cover and the baby chairs with chair covers.

The main table was covered with a poly satin with a tulle tutu table skirt so I wanted the various tables to match.

I made a kids table cover from the satin with just a simple hem.  Then I bought a fabric stencil kit and fabric glitter paint to make ballerina themed pictures on the table cover.

The stenciling was a bit trickier than it looked because I chose to use two colors.  I had to tape off part of the stencil while spraying the opposite color. Also it took much longer to dry than the instructions said and in order for the glitter to be very dark I had to use four coats.  So overall it took 3 days to make the four stencils counting dry time in between each application.

Finished Stencil:

The chair covers were extremely easy and I finished all four in a matter of 30 minutes.  I cut sections of the poly satin side and long enough to cover the chair.  From the back of the chair I gathered the fabric and criss-crossed it and then pinned it with a safely pin.  Then I took one yard of the tulle that matched the main table skirt and I wrapped it around the chair and tied it in a bow.

Close up of the bow:

Tutu Table Skirt

For my daughter’s first birthday I chose the theme “Ballerina Ball”. The post for the entire party is here:

Ballerina Birthday

I wanted to make a table skirt appropriate for a ballerina or tutu themed party and this is what I made:

Photo courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

I started by measuring the circumference of the table I wanted to skirt and then I bought enough tulle to double the measurement.  I bought enough ribbon to match the length.  I folded the tulle in half and on the folded top edge, I gathered and pinned the tulle to the ribbon.

The website I originally found the idea said they then just pinned both the tulle and the ribbon to the tablecloth without sewing.   But for me, it was a little tricky and it kept coming apart and falling off so I did decide to sew the tulle to the ribbon.  Then I pinned the ribbon to the tablecloth.

The website where I found the original idea was:

 Tulle Table Skirt

They give much more detailed and lovely instructions.

How to Make a Tutu

For my daughter’s first birthday I chose the theme “Ballerina Ball”. The post for the entire party is here:

Ballerina Birthday

For the party I made each guest a tutu and also gave them a wand and special glitter frame.  There are tons of tutorials out there for how to make a tutu, but I guess I’m adding one more to the list!

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

Row of Tutus and Goodie Bags:

I started by cutting the tulle.  You can buy tulle in long rolls but it is more expensive that way so I buy it in yards, especially when making a large quantity.  Each tutu requires about 2 yards of tulle, 1/2 inch wide elastic and 1.5″ wide ribbon (optional).

When buying it in yards, first fold it in half width wise (usually they give it to you that way at the fabric store).  Then I start making multiple folds length wise so it will not be so long.  This example is 10 yards of tulle so you can see I folded it down from 10 yards to about 1 yard in length.

Then fold it once again width wise so it is shorter to cut.

Then measure the tulle to 3″ wide and cut strips.  If you are cutting at an edge that is folded, cut the edge at 1.5″ so when you unfold it the result is 3″.

Then lay the strips out in bunches where they are folded in half only once.

Cut the strips at 18″.

It may seem really complicated, but once you understand it, it’s a really fast way to cut tons of strips very fast.  If you consider cutting individual strips off of a roll, it will take you days to make 12 tutus (which is how many I did).  Each tutu takes about 150 strips.  So this method is much faster!

Next you prepare the elastic.  There are two things to consider when cutting the elastic.  If you plan to make the tutus just plain and unadorned (no ribbon) then they are very stretchy.

1: So…without ribbon tops, you measure the girl’s waist and then divide it by 4.  Deduct that number from the measurement and it will be fine. For example, a little girl with 16″ waist, divided by 4, so 16 divided 4 = 4.  So you would cut the elastic at 16-4=12″.  It stretches a lot and will be too big if you do not size it down.

2: If you want to make them with ribbons sewn around the tops (prettier) then measure it at the actual size, so the same girl’s waist is 16″ and you leave it at 16″.  Once you sew the ribbon on, it will no longer stretch.

Cut the elastic the length you need it.

Then overlap the edges like so:

And sew one side near the edge.

Then flip it and sew the other side near the edge.

Now find a good book (or a bad one) and put the elastic on it.

Then you take one strip of the tulle which should measure approximately 3″ wide by 18″ long.  They do NOT have to measure exactly the same.  You can half-ass it and it will be fine!  Fold the strip in half under the elastic as shown:

And then loop the ends through it:

Keep attaching loops of tulle until the tutu is completed.  Make sure the pieces are tight together so it will be very full.  After the tutu is finished, if you chose to dress it up with ribbon, cut a piece of ribbon the same size as the tutu.  Choose a wide ribbon and fold it in half over the edge of the tutu.  Pin it in place.  Be sure to cut it long enough to overlap where the ends meet.  Fold the top overlapping end under so that the end looks clean.

Sew the ribbon around the tutu.  In this picture you can also see the folded end.

Here is the finished product:

Photo Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

Some of the lovely ladies at the party: Samantha, Morgan, Madeline, Gia and Ella. Photo courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX.