Tuesday Confessional 09/09

For those who follow my blog, you know my posts on the weekends are all about parties, cooking, and official stuff. My posts on Tuesday are more about me, my thoughts, my downfalls and my dreams.  If you are interested in my blog at all, you may ask yourself, “Who is Stephenie?” I don’t think I am complicated to figure out.  If you think I am complicated, then you are trying too hard. I think I am very straight forward, open and honest.  I’ll offer you two songs which will give you insight.

In the year when I turned 15, my best friend heard a song on the radio and she called me to tell me about it. She said, “I don’t know the name of this new song, but it is written for you! It is definitely your song!” A few days later I heard the song for the first time, and I had to agree, it was written about me and it became the theme song of my life.  And as lame as it is to be summed up in an 80’s theme song…here it is:

As much as I still love that song…let’s admit, it is dated.  So I have been in need of a revamp.  I don’t want to jump on the “Frozen” bandwagon, but a few months ago, I watched it with my children for the first time.  I liked it a lot, but when I heard this song in the movie it made me cry…it was my revamp and it was exactly what I needed to hear.  Only one small change, when you listen to the song…as melancholy as it sounds, replace the words “The Cold” with “Alone”.

And by the way, starting my own business was the best decision I have ever made.  Whether it succeeds or fails, it has taught me more about myself and my abilities than I ever would have realized otherwise.

My new 2014 theme song revamped from 80’s hairband style:

My Little Pony Rainbow Birthday Party

This year for my daughter’s third birthday, the theme she chose was My Little Pony.  For the decorations we could have chosen to stay primarily pink or go with a rainbow theme.  I decided to go with rainbow!

My Little Pony Rainbow Birthday

Rainbow and Cloud Ceiling

I made a main table which was perfect for the theme, however the best part was the Rainbow and Cloud ceiling decoration.  It was very reminiscent of a wedding ceiling draping, but with rainbow colors and a perfect cloud perched just below it.

My Little Pony Gift Bags

I also ordered themed gift bags which were absolutely adorable.

My Little Pony 2

My Little Pony 3

I made a couple of small fondant cakes for the occasion.

My Little Pony Cake

My Little Pony Cake 2


And of course, the party would not be a complete event without a super matching outfit!  I ordered this cute birthday shirt and made the matching tutu.

My Little Pony Birthday Shirt and Tutu

The party events included a petting zoo, a real-life my little pony ride, pin the tail on the pony, rainbow hair coloring and a pinata.

It made a very happy birthday girl!  Happy 3rd Birthday to my little darling, Brie.


And as always, for my dear loyal readers, I will post the details of how to make, purchase or find each of the items from this party.  All printables I post for free download and I always quote my source when I find a great idea from someone else.  Over the next few weeks, additional links to the details on how to make or find each item will be linked back to this page under the “comments” section.  Those links will lead you to the details of how to replicate this party!