Ice Cream Sandwich Sunday

We recently ate at Joe’s Crabshack with the kids.  I thought one of the children’s deserts they offered was a super fun an easy desert to do at home or for a party.  Simple as can be, just get an ice cream sandwich, cut it into wedges and add a few dippers.  They included mini-m&m’s, chocolate syrup and sprinkles.  The kids loved the idea and dip, dip, dipped!

(I apologize for the poor photos, it was dark out and my camera just didn’t do well.  Or it could be the photographer.)

Ice cream sandwich sunday




Adorable Snowman Cookies

I found these adorable snowman cookies on Pinterest and made them for a winter ladies cocktail event.

Snowman Cookies

They are super cute and fairly easy to make.  I bought small tubes of pre-made icing just to make it easier, but that is not required.  They are made from white chocolate covered Oreos which you can find at the store during the winter months.  The hats are made from blue icing and then dipped in various colors of sprinkles.  The eyes, nose and mouth are created using a writing tip.  I found the original idea tagged on Pinterest from this link (which also happen to be a re-post from somewhere else):

Winter Snowmen

The idea matched very nicely with my snowman glasses!



It also perfectly blended together with a special cocktail I found on Pinterest which I will explain in more detail in a separate post.


Round Colored Ice Cubes

For my daughter’s 2-year birthday party, I selected M&M’s as the theme.  Because my daughter LOVES M&Ms, who doesn’t?!  To make the party super fun, I made these round colored ice cubes to look like M&M’s.  Maybe they don’t look as similar to M&M’s as I wanted them to, but the kids and adults still loved them!

Round Colored Ice Cubes

Round Colored Ice Cubes 2

For the entire post of the party, click here:

M&M Birthday Party

To make these super cool creations, you have to buy a special ice tray.  Then just add a bit of food coloring to some water and fill the tray.  You can use them in water or clear soda to make a cool punch.

Colored Round Ice Cubes 3

Round Ice Cubes

How to Make Cake Pops

If you view my blog often, you will have seen several posts showing some really amazing cake pops.  Those aren’t mine.  :)  I wish they were, but they are not.  There is a woman who lives locally in the Dallas area who made them from her home kitchen but the business got bigger than she wanted to manage so she closed shop.  It was very unfortunate for me and many of my friends but as a result, I tried to make some for myself.  These aren’t bad, but they aren’t quite as amazing as hers.

Cake Balls

Start by baking a cake.  Take about 1/2 of the cake after it has cooled and crumble it up into a bowl.  Work with it until it is fine and evenly broken up.  Then take about 2 Tablespoons of whatever flavor of cake icing you choose and mix it into the baked dough.  You don’t want the dough to be too soggy, but just wet enough to clump together when you mold it into a ball.

Yes, I know, it looks like dog food.

Yes, I know, it looks like dog food.

Roll the dough into balls.

Cake Balls

Then melt a little bit of white chocolate or colored bark in a small cup.  You just need a bit of it to start.  Dip the tip if your cake pop stick into the melted chocolate and then insert it into your cake ball.  This helps the ball stay attached to the stick.  Then put them in the freezer for about an hour or so.

Cake Balls

Then melt about one cup of colored bark or white chocolate into a cup.  You will dip the frozen pops into the chocolate to cover them.  But be sure to work quickly because the chocolate hardens fast, so the decorations on them as fast as possible.

Easter Cake Pops

You can serve them upside-down on a platter, or use dry floral foam to stick them upright into a display.

Easter Cake Pops

While these pops I made were very cute for Easter, I recommend using white chocolate instead of the pre-colored bark.  The bark is thicker and super sweet and to me, overall the cake pops were just too sweet.  So try to get the covering as thin as possible and shake off as much excess as possible.

It’s so easy, even the boys helped me.  ;)


And here are some cute Easter/ Spring cookies I made to go along with them.

Easter Cookies

Solid Colored Juice Boxes

The entire posting for “The Lorax” birthday party:

The Lorax Birthday
This posting is for the solid colored juice boxes.

Solid Color Juice Boxes

Materials you will need:

  1. Construction or card stock in the color you choose
  2. Glue
  3. Exacto Knife
  4. Hole Punch

Start by wrapping your juice box with the construction paper or card stock.  Trim the paper by using scissors or an exacto knife.  Keep the left over pieces.  Be very careful, the juice boxes are more fragile than they appear and I nicked a couple of boxes and juice went everywhere!


Next, using the left over pieces, cut them into the size for the top of the juice box and use the hole punch to cut the opening for the straw.  I left a little overlap in the paper for the edges of the top and folded the top edges down.  Attach it to the juice box with glue.


Then glue the paper to the box all the way around and then glue the overlapping edges of paper together.


Personalized juice boxes!