The Lorax Cheese Wheels

The entire posting for “The Lorax” birthday party:

The Lorax Birthday

This posting is the how-to for making Lorax themed cheese wheels.

Lorax Cheese Wheels

The items you need are :

  1. Babybell Cheese Wheels
  2. Candy Eyes (usually found at craft stores where baking supplies are available)
  3. Sandwich Cheese Slices
  4. Small amount of icing to make the pieces stick to the wheel
  5. Exacto Knife
  6. Mustache and Eyebrow Template (I drew a template on a piece of paper and used it with the exacto knife.  I found this method much easier then freehand cutting each one.)

Making the Cheese Wheels

Lorax Cheese Wheels


Credit for original inspiration:

Lorax Food Ideas at Cute Food for Kids