Orange County- General Post

Orange County is the original and longest running shows of the TRH show.  As a result, they have had several casting changes and lots of crazy things going on.  Here are my overall thoughts about this series:

My favorite ladies on this show are Tamra, Gretchen and Heather.  Heather is new this year and overall, she’s a little high-brow to be my favorite, but she’s OK.  I would have to say at this point in time Tamra is my favorite.  I didn’t always feel that way because she can tend to be a little crass for my taste, but I think she has a good heart.  Major kudos to her for taking out her breast implants!  I am so proud of her and I think it was a great decision!

I don’t know what is going to happen with Gretchen and Slade, but he is trouble!  I really think she needs to rethink the whole relationship.  His statement on one show this year was very telling…he said something along the lines of…”I’ve never had to work a day in my life and I hope you never do either.”  I am positive we will hear questions about it during the reunion this year because of his failures to pay child support. I’m sure what he “meant” was, he has never worked a regular type of job…but hey, if you have kids to support, you work whatever job is available bub!

About Vicki, I agree with what everyone else seems to be telling her…Brooks is bad news.  Vicki can be quite a hypocrite.  She really doesn’t like Slade (OK that’s fine) but she doesn’t see the similarities between what is going on in Slade’s life and what is going on with Brooks.  She is so starved for constant attention that she’s about to get herself in trouble with a swindler.  She’s perfect bait for one.  She claims she was attention deprived and her “love tank” was empty, but seriously what does she expect?  There isn’t a person alive (man or woman) able to give the constant attention and accolades she requires, except a gigolo.  I really liked Donn and I felt sorry for him when things between them did not work out.  I like Vicki’s daughter Briana and I agree with a lot of the things she says about her mother.  However, she made the decision to elope, which is fine, but if you elope, you shouldn’t also get to have a big wedding too.  Elope and you’re done.  What’s the point of having a wedding after you are already married?  You made your choice now deal with it.

Alexis is probably my least favorite.  Why on earth a professional news organization would allow her to “act-the-fool” on their program is beyond me.  I am not against religious people, but there are some people who give religion a bad name and she is one of them.

Sarah- WTF?!  I don’t know if she is going to be a permanent fixture on this show but wow, what a weirdo.

Past Cast Members:

I liked Quinn in general but she was a little oversexed in my opinion. I really did like Jeana. In fact, she was one of my favorites.  However, one thing that really bothered me, to a serious degree, was how she allowed men to treat her.  Her husband (now ex) treated her horribly and talked down to her all the time and as a result, so did her son.  I was appalled by how her son spoke to her and disrespected her.  But women have to know, if you don’t ask for respect and respect yourself, then it breads that kind of behavior.  It really bothered me.  Lynne was another woman I liked but she was really kind of weird.  I liked her in spite of the weirdness but I was pretty sad to see how they lived above and beyond their means.  I also really liked Peggy and I don’t know why she didn’t return to the show.  I think she was right in everything she said about Alexis.

The Real Housewives on Bravo

I’m starting a new category of posts dedicated to my guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives on Bravo.  I’m not a professional critic but I’m a fan of the show in my own “let’s not take this too seriously” way.  I don’t watch much TV, in fact, these are the only TV shows I currently watch.  I usually DVR the shows and then watch them later, but I’m going to have to start watching them when they air if I plan to blog on them.

I’ll start by making one general post for each location (i.e. Beverly Hills, New Jersey, Atlanta, etc) with my thoughts on each series and the ladies who star in them.  As a general comment let me say, I don’t 100% believe everything that happens, and I am sure some of it is made up.  I’m not so trusting of the entertainment industry as to not think some of it is contrived.  However, for blogging purposes, I am going to assume these are real people and real issues (it’s more fun that way) and if I really think something is made up then I will state my opinion.