Certain Days of the Week

I haven’t posted one of these categories of posts in a while and I really miss them!  This is a conversation with my son from this morning and it’s quite cute.  It requires a back story, however.  Since Mason was 2.5 and I taught him the days-of-the-week, he for some reason really liked Tuesday.  I have no idea why, it just happened.  Every time we quizzed him on what day it was, if it happened to be Tuesday, he got all giddy and would sing “Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!”  On the way to preschool this morning:

Me: You are such a smart boy!
Mason: Not every day.
Me: What?  Not every day?  Yes, you are smart every day!
Mason: Not on Tuesdays.
Me: (laughing) Why are you not smart on Tuesdays?
Mason: Because on Tuesdays I am silly and I play!
Me: Because it is your favorite day?
Mason: Yes, I am very silly on Tuesdays!

I guess Tuesday is the new Friday.  Who knew?

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