Emergency Information Sheet

This is a good idea I saw somewhere…not sure where.  The idea is to make an emergency contact sheet with all the family’s information and post it somewhere inside the house in case a babysitter, relative or neighbor has to call 911 while at your residence.

Consider this:

You are out for date night and let’s say an emergency happens, like someone tries to break in or someone runs their car into your house.  The sitter calls 911 and they start asking him/her a bunch of questions like…what is the address…what are the kid’s birth dates (or ages)…what are the parent’s numbers?  The sitter has all of the info but will have to search for it on their phone or take time to think about the answers, which costs valuable minutes in rescue time.

Therefore the solution is to create an emergency information sheet with all the relevant information for easy recall in an emergency:

Parent’s Names and Cell Phone Numbers
Address of the Residence
Phone Number of the Residence (in case they have to call back)
Kid’s Names, Ages and Allergies
Pediatrician’s Name and Number
Emergency Contact (grandmother, godmother, etc)

We have one posted on our refrigerator and we make sure the sitters and family members know where to locate it in an emergency.

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