Happy Father’s Day 2013- Free Download Printable

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband Marc.

Happy Father's Day



Life is not easy, especially once you throw kids into the mix.  But I am graced with a husband who truly loves our kids and wants the best for them.  He also happens to be a very creative and talented editor who provides for us without asking for anything in return.  He doesn’t drive a fancy sports car or have a boat (even though he would probably like one) but he invests all his money into the kids and their education.  I applaud him for these things and know the kids and I are lucky.  And more important than money, he invests his time in the kids.  He plays with them and teaches them things and participates in all their activities and sports.  Happy Father’s Day to a great dad!


This is the free download for the Dad printable I used in the pictures of the kids above.

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