I’m Still Here

I am sorry for my absence in making more “personalized posts” to my blog lately.  I had several party entries lined up for auto post for the past three weeks and I’ve been so busy with “real” work for my paying job the last three weekends.  So I have not had the time to do my regular Tuesday Confessionals or other more personal entries.  So I apologize and I promise to be back soon!  Also I have not had time to visit my favorite blogs and I miss them very much!  I haven’t abandoned you, just have been too busy to think.  Since this is a holiday weekend and I have no work planned, I will make the rounds and catch up on what has been transpiring in your lives for the last three weeks.  I also have several more posts which I need to make and schedule to post on my own blog.  I just have to make the time to do so.  :)

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