Kids Craft Bags

This year I went back to work after being a SAHM for four years.  As a result, I hired a nanny to watch the kids after school.  My kids love doing crafts so I came up with the idea to put together ready-made craft bags which include all the materials.  In this case, the nanny, or whoever wants to do the crafts with the kids, just has to open the bag and lay out the materials and they are good to go! You can also prepare for a playdate by prearranging these bags for each of the kids before the playdate.

Here are some examples of crafts which I prearranged:

Foam Story Board
I bought one piece of foam paper and a package of foam sticky shapes. Draw a picture or scene on the board and let the child use the stickers to tell a story.

Make Bracelets and Beaded Shapes
I bought a package of pipe cleaners and a bag of beads and placed a few together in the craft bag with instructions. The kids can make bracelets and shapes.

Printable Pages
I printed free printable pages from the internet. I paired them with a set of paints from a different craft which had already been used. You can also use markers or crayons of course.

Pom Pom Caterpillar
This idea came from my son’s school. Put some small and large pom poms in the kit along with glue and a pre-cut page in the shape of a leaf.

Feather Bird
This idea also came from my son’s school. Put a handful of colorful feathers in a bag with glue and a page cut in the shape of a bird.

Letter Jumble
I put a foam sheet along with a handful of foam letter stickers for a word jumble activity.

Sticker Dinosaur
For the next few examples, I wonder the isles of the craft store and select some cheap craft packs. This is one is a sticker pack to create a dinosaur.

Cars Craft
A prepacked craft to color Lightening McQueen car.

Mini Picture Frame
This is a prepacked craft to decorate a mini picture frame with a magnate for the refrigerator.

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