Produce Co-Ops

A friend of mine introduced me to a produce co-op.  I believe there are several available across the country.  I assume the all have somewhat similar rules.  I really love it and I can’t recommend it any higher!  It is very awesome!

Basically, each member pays a contribution for their produce.  For the co-op I use, the contribution is $15 per week.  You get a large amount of both fruit and vegetables for every week that you contribute.  The first week that I participated I wrote down everything I received.  The following week, I took the list of produce to the store and added up what it would have cost me.  I stopped adding at $35 because I could clearly see the savings.

One thing some people might think is a downside is you do not select your produce.  It is preselected based on cost and what is in season at the time.  What you receive is the same everyone else gets and you don’t choose.  So you will get some things you would not normally pick at the store and maybe even some things you don’t normally like.  So at first I was skeptical.  However, it has turned out to be a true blessing.  We pick up our produce every Saturday morning.  So in the afternoon I sit down to plan out the meals for the week and pick recipes to best use the produce I received.  It forced me to try some new things and our dinners have improved drastically!  I even discovered I like a lot of vegetables I would normally not have tried because I was intimidated.

The co-op I use is called Bountiful Baskets and their website is:


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