Ready for Bed

Getting Mason (my 3 year old) ready for bedtime.

Me: Look, Bunny is already asleep (Mason has a toddler clock with a sleeping bunny and an awake bunny to tell him when it is bedtime or awake time)
Mason: We know…(he says it in a weird guttural sound like he’s possessed)
Me: So it’s way past your bedtime.
Mason: We know…
Me: (I’m thinking who is this WE crap?) Go tinkle.
Mason: OK (runs out of the room and to his bathroom to go potty then comes back.  He calls out each step of his getting dressed routine before I do it)  Underwear! Shorts!  Shirt!  Tag!
Me: (I think to myself…tag? huh? Then I realize he wants me to tuck the tag down in the back of his shirt.  Geesh)
Mason: Play?!
Me: Yes, you can play for a bit while I put the clean sheets on your bed.
He runs out of the room and sees his sister is still up and not to bed yet.
Mason: Look Mommy!  Me and Sister match!  We REALLY match!
Marc: Yes, you are both wearing night suits.
Mason: But we don’t really match…I’m wearing Elmo.  She’s wearing…something…FOR GIRLS! (he snarls it like it’s contagious)



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