Reunion Scrapbook

Last year was my 20th high school reunion.  (Yeah, I’m THAT old.) Sigh.

I had this idea for the reunion that seemed pretty popular.  I created a questionnaire we passed out at the reunion to all of the alumni.  They completed the questionnaire and returned it to me with a current family photo.  I then created a “scrapbook page” of sorts which included their answers, their family photo, and a scanned photo from our school yearbook.  I completed one page for everyone who wanted to participate (luckily our school was small) and printed out a finished copy for everyone.  It was very fun and we all learned a lot about each other.

Front Cover:

My page:

Here is the questionnaire for those who want to use one for their school or association reunion:

High School Reunion Scrapbook

And here is the blank page.  It has our mascot on it that was scanned from our yearbook, so you can replace that with your own mascot.

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