Round Colored Ice Cubes

For my daughter’s 2-year birthday party, I selected M&M’s as the theme.  Because my daughter LOVES M&Ms, who doesn’t?!  To make the party super fun, I made these round colored ice cubes to look like M&M’s.  Maybe they don’t look as similar to M&M’s as I wanted them to, but the kids and adults still loved them!

Round Colored Ice Cubes

Round Colored Ice Cubes 2

For the entire post of the party, click here:

M&M Birthday Party

To make these super cool creations, you have to buy a special ice tray.  Then just add a bit of food coloring to some water and fill the tray.  You can use them in water or clear soda to make a cool punch.

Colored Round Ice Cubes 3

Round Ice Cubes

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