My Fortieth Birthday- A Little Bling

Due to the efforts of my bestie, Robin, and my other mommy group friends, I had a fabulous and unforgettable 40th birthday.

A Little Bling

My friend put in a lot of work to orchestrate this party and it was a blast!  Everything was beautiful and well planned.





My birthday cake was designed with edible bling!!!!


She even coordinated a signature cocktail. And it’s it fitting!!



Place Cards with hand-drawn calligraphy


Custom Floral Arrangements

Custom Floral Arrangements

I made coordinated attendee gift bags for my friends

I made coordinated attendee gift bags for my friends

The whole party was very amazing!

photo 1

Thank you so much to my friend Robin for all the work and love she put into this party.  I love her dearly!




Black and White Party

I wanted to have a small get together with friends for an adult’s birthday party and was running short of ideas.  Lot’s of kids ideas out there…not so many for adults.  I thought of the annual party Kyle Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gives each year called “The White Party”.  Well, I don’t have that kind of money or time, so this was going to be much more low-key.  In researching the party, I found the original idea was from Al Capone in the 20’s and was a Black and White party.   So here is my version:

Black and White Party

The cake:

The cake is just two layers of regular cake (whatever flavor you choose) covered with a simple layer of marshmallow fondant and black stars.  I used a cookie cutter for the stars in fondant that was colored black.  I found black and white themed candles and put them on the stars.  Super simple!