Toddler Pedicure- At Home Fun

Recently, I took my daughter Brie with me for our first mommy-daughter pedicures.  She sat so patiently in my lap for 1 hour while she watched the technician perform my pedicure.  She kept asking, “When my turn?”.  Unfortunately, when it was her turn, all they did was cut and paint her toenails and she cried softly the whole time because they didn’t do all the same fun stuff they did for mommy.  I would have gladly paid for the extra services, but the salon refused to do it for her because of her age.  So I promised her I would do her very own special pedicure at home.  Also my son got very excited when we talked about it so he wanted to participate as well.  It was a super fun and easy activity I highly recommend you try!

1. Set the scene:Set up comfortable chairs and buckets or bowels of warm water the right size for tiny feet.


2. Prepare the pallet:Choose and gather the products you will use to perform the pedicure.  I recommend using things you have around the house (the kids don’t know the difference anyway.) I made a plate with clippers, face cleansing mud pack, scented body lotion and pieces from a tub fizzie.


3. Call the children forth


4. Put the fizzies (or other fun stuff) in the water and let them soak


5. Perform the pedicure in a few steps (trim nails, cleanse, massage, rinse, and paint)




6. Show off the results