Ballerina Gift Bags

For my daughter’s first birthday I chose the theme “Ballerina Ball”. The post for the entire party is here:

Ballerina Birthday

I made the gift bags or “goodie bags” for the party guests to match the theme of the party.

Photo courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

I started by drawing the design I wanted and then scanned it into my computer and printed it on card stock.  I have attached the file below so you will not have to do this step.  I used the application MS Paint to add names onto the shapes but that is optional.  Next I cut out the shapes.

Then I made the tutu skirt by cutting 2 strips of tulle 3 inches wide by 18 inches long.  I used a needle and thread to gather the top of the skirt.

Then I attached the skirt to the model with hot glue.

After the glue was dry, I glued the whole model to plain gift bags.

File for design cut out: