Easter Bunny Invitations- Free Download

Every year, as many families do, we have an annual family get-together for Easter.  The adults eat food and the kids hunt eggs and it’s a great time.  This year I wanted to make a special invitation the kids could help me make. For anyone who wants to make these next year, I have included a free downloadable printout.

Fuzzy Easter Bunny Invitations

Step 1: Purchase the Materials

You will need card stock for printing sturdy cards, glue or rubber cement, cotton balls, a multicolor or pink mini boa, and self-sticking or glue-able jewels for the eyes.

Step 2: Print out the first side of the bunnies

Print this attached free downloadable template for the front of the invitations.  It makes 2 bunnies approximately 5×6 per page.


Step 3: Flip over the printed pages and print the other side

You may want to try this a few times on regular paper.  After using the download above, use this second download to print the back side of the bunnies.  If you are using standard 8.5×11 cardstock, this back printing should line up correctly on the bunnies.


Step 4: Cut out the bunnies and check both sides





Step 5: Glue the decorations

I found using Rubber Cement worked better than regular glue, but either will work.  First pull apart the cotton balls into pieces and glue the strips onto the front of the card.  Then pull pieces off of the mini feather boa for the ears and tail and glue them on.  Lastly, stick on the eye and you are done!