The Lorax Birthday Cake

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The Lorax Birthday Party

This post is the how-to for making a Lorax Birthday Cake with surprise center!

The Lorax Birthday Cake

The cake is super simple to make, but finding or making all the decorations on top of it is another story.  The Lorax figure is a cakeball which was professionally made and I just used it as a topper on the cake.  The cotton candy truffela trees were made by using long pop sticks and a cotton candy maker.  The cake is baked using a Wilton giant cupcake baking pan.

I simply baked the cake using the cupcake pan, scooped out a section in the base of the cake and put M&Ms in it.  Then put the two portions of the cake together and iced it.



When you cut the cake open, there are M&Ms in the middle and the kids go crazy!