M&Ms Balloons- Free Downloadable Template

What is the best thing to have at an M&M theme party?!  M&M’s Balloons!  But alas, they don’t exist.  So what is a mom like me to do?  Make them myself!  Thanks to me, now you can too!

M&M's Balloons

Just buy any balloon in the right primary color and use the free printable template below to make your own!  Super easy!  (Scroll down)

M&M Balloons

MM Balloons

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M&M Birthday Party

MM Birthday Party

Free M&M Balloon Printable (just print this on a sheet of white sticker paper or use a glue stick!)  Each sheet makes 9 balloons.


M&M Birthday Party!

This is my latest party!  My daughter’s 2nd Birthday and the theme was M&M Party!  Surprisingly there are very few purchasable party items with this theme so almost everything is made by me, and will be available for free download!

M&M Birthday Party

For this party I made M&M Balloons, M&M Cookies, Cupcakes, Water Bottles, an Exploding M&M Cake with Surprise M&Ms in the Middle, Special M&M Ice Cream Cones, Round Colored Ice Cubes, an M&M Table Cloth, Rainbow Table Skirt, M&M Ribbons, M&M T-Shirts, M&M Food Lables and various other items!  Over the next few weeks, I will post the how-to instructions for all of these items.  The links to each post will appear in the comments section at the bottom.

M&M Cookies

M&M Balloons

M&M Goodie Bags

M&M Colors

M&M Cake with M&Ms in the Middle

M&M Water Bottles

Colored Round Ice Cubes

M&M Ice Cream Cones

M&M Table Cloth and M&M Ribbons

Colored Round Ice Cubes

Colorful Cupcakes

M&M T-Shirts

Exploding M&M Cake with M&Ms in the Middle