M&M Goodie Bags- Free Download Template

My daughter’s 2-year birthday party was a huge blast.  To make any party the most fun for the kids, you MUST have “goodie bags” aka treat bags.  These are fun bags with toys and gifts the kids take home with them from the party.  (They keep the kids busy in the car all the way home!)

The theme of this party was M&Ms and you can find the entire post here:

M&M Birthday Party

M&M Goodie Bags

The only materials needed are primary color bags, tissue paper, card stock and glue.  Plus goodies of course!  Print the free download printable below on card stock (select 5×7 size photos) and then cut them out and glue them onto the bags.

Free Printable:



M&Ms Food Labels- Free Download Printable

My most recent party was the M&Ms Theme Party for my daughter’s 2-year birthday.  For the entire post, see here:

M&M Birthday Party

This post is about the awesome food labels I made!

M&M Food Labels

They are super fun and all you have to do is download the free printable file below, edit them to list the food you want and print them on card stock.  Have fun!

M&Ms Food Labels

M&M's Food Labels

Free Downloadable Template, just print this on card stock, cut out the cards around the lines and fold them in half.

MM Food Labels

Blue MM Food Label


M&Ms Balloons- Free Downloadable Template

What is the best thing to have at an M&M theme party?!  M&M’s Balloons!  But alas, they don’t exist.  So what is a mom like me to do?  Make them myself!  Thanks to me, now you can too!

M&M's Balloons

Just buy any balloon in the right primary color and use the free printable template below to make your own!  Super easy!  (Scroll down)

M&M Balloons

MM Balloons

To see the full party post, click here:

M&M Birthday Party

MM Birthday Party

Free M&M Balloon Printable (just print this on a sheet of white sticker paper or use a glue stick!)  Each sheet makes 9 balloons.