Exploding M&M Cake

Want to make a cool cake that is really easy, will impress everyone and shock your kids?  Make an Exploding M&M Cake with real M&M’s in the middle!  When you cut into this cake, the M&M’s cascade out in a wonderful delectable surprise!

Exploding M&M Cake

Exploding M&M Cake 2

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I also used this same cake for my son’s Lorax themed party.

Vanilla M&M Cake with M&M in the middle


To make this super cool cake, you need a special giant cupcake pan made by Wilton.

Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan

Fill it with one cake mix of your choice, and bake.


Then trim the top of the cupcake bottom and the bottom of the cupcake top so they are both flat.


Then scoop out a section in the middle of the cupcake bottom after it has cooled.  (DO NOT bake the M&Ms in the cake or put them inside the cake while it is still hot, it will not work!)


Fill the center with M&M’s!  I used one individual sized bag of M&Ms.


Put the top section on, and then ice it however you choose to.