How Parenting Changes Over Time

It is amazing how views of parenting change over time.  One of the fellow bloggers I researched prior to starting my own blog was Lenore Skenazy author of the blog Free Range Kids:

As it turns out, I just saw her today being interviewed by Dr. Drew on CNN.  She is advocating a national “play at the park day” allowing children (age 8 and above) to go together and play at the park without their parents.  I am honestly surprised how shocked people are by her suggestion.  When I was a child, I played at the park, in other kids yards, and all around my neighborhood without parental supervision as young as 6!  It was not a big deal, AT ALL.  We all did it.  I was almost never indoors! Even in my neighborhood now, there are kids at the park on my block all the time without their parents in the age range of 8-10.  They ride their bikes to the park, play and then ride home.

Yeah, to some extent, I get it.  The kids could get hurt, and most important to me, someone can try to abduct them.  But when I was a child, I was taught to stay away from strangers, and if I got hurt, go for help.  But we don’t teach our kids self-sufficiency today like our parents did then. My biggest pet-peeve is how parents judge one another.  As a result, parents are AFRAID TO PARENT.  They are afraid to make decisions and teach their kids self-sufficiency, self-reliance and let them make mistakes.  Parents are afraid of being judged by others as bad parents because they “don’t do enough” when in reality, they are probably “doing too much.”

To see the full CNN article with Lenore click below: