Round Colored Ice Cubes

For my daughter’s 2-year birthday party, I selected M&M’s as the theme.  Because my daughter LOVES M&Ms, who doesn’t?!  To make the party super fun, I made these round colored ice cubes to look like M&M’s.  Maybe they don’t look as similar to M&M’s as I wanted them to, but the kids and adults still loved them!

Round Colored Ice Cubes

Round Colored Ice Cubes 2

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M&M Birthday Party

To make these super cool creations, you have to buy a special ice tray.  Then just add a bit of food coloring to some water and fill the tray.  You can use them in water or clear soda to make a cool punch.

Colored Round Ice Cubes 3

Round Ice Cubes

Flower Ice Cubes

For my daughter’s one year birthday party I created a cool thing for the punch bowl and the other adult beverages…Flower (or Rose) Ice Cubes!  They work perfectly for any special occasion, shower or wedding.

I happened to have these special over-sized ice trays but I think any size or shape tray would work.

I read on the internet to used boiled water so the cubes would be clear, but I still had a hard time and it took much longer to freeze them.  A good friend of mine suggested distilled water which I believe would work better.

You can find the edible flowers in the herb section of most specialty grocery stores.

Getting the flowers (or roses) to freeze in the middle of the cubes was the most difficult challenge because they float.  So what I did was to start freezing the water half-way and it caused the edges and tops to freeze first, so mid way through the process, I used a fork to lift up the top of the half-frozen cubes and I slid the roses into them and pushed the frozen edges back down…walla…flowers in the middle.  You might come up with a better idea, and if so, please post it!

I didn’t choose the best cube as an example here (I was in a hurry) but this is the finished product: