Thanksgiving Skittles Turkey Activity

I love this idea for a quick and fun holiday activity for the little ones.  This is called a Skittles Turkey, and as you would guess, you give them Skittles candies to sort by color and place in the circle areas.

Skittles Turkey

I saw this cute idea on the website  Click the link to see the original.  However, their version had WAY too many slots for Skittles in my opinion.  I mean WAY too many.  My kids would be bouncing off the walls!  So I made this “reduced Skittles version”.  My version only requires 10 Skittles which is plenty enough for one sitting.

Free download below:

Turkey Disguise

I got the idea for this fun activity from my son’s school.  The idea is to help the Thanksgiving Turkey find a good disguise to keep him safe from being eaten!  It builds imagination and creative thinking.

Print out a turkey printable from the internet.  Explain the concept and have the toddler (preschooler) pick what disguise the turkey should have.  My son picked a fire truck!  Since a fire fighter was a little more appropriate and easier to do, we went with that.  I got him some fireman related stickers, markers and paper.  He colored the turkey, used the stickers and even made flames from paper cut outs to go at the bottom.  Have fun!

No turkeys were harmed in the making of this post.