Peony Princess Cake

For my daughter’s first birthday I chose the theme “Ballerina Ball”. The post for the entire party is here:

Ballerina Birthday

This post is to highlight the cake I made for her party.

Picture Courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

Since the cake was the last thing to make for Brie’s party, I was in quite a hurry and trying to get this done at the last minute, so I did not take the step-by-step pictures that I usually do.

The materials I used for the cake were a quilting tool, a stencil tool, French Dragees, a real fresh peony and a real fresh hydrangea broken into petal clusters.

I baked two 8 inch and two 6 inch cakes to make the two double layers.  I covered both with white marshmallow fondant.  I used the quilting tool to quilt the bottom layer and attached the dragees in the quilted points with a dot of icing.  I used a stencil tool to make a design on the second layer.  But unfortunately, I determined the layers were not thick enough to have a design and the hydrangeas  together so that both could be clearly seen, so if you try to recreate this cake, I suggest you make two tiers made with three cake layers each, or just forget about the stencil.  I put the fresh peony on top and circled both it and the first tier with the petal clusters from the hydrangea.

Photo courtesy of CnC Moments Photography in Dallas, TX

I also made a mini-version of this cake that can be found at:

Mini Cake