Glossy on Flat Stencil Accent Wall

My latest home improvement project:

Use the same color of high gloss paint on top of flat for a special effect.

My dining room has an accent wall and I really wanted to add some color to make it pop.  The color was chosen from our floor rug.

Before pics:

This is mid-way through the project with the flat base coat applied:

And the finished product.  Keep in mind, the colors on the wall and the stencil are THE SAME, the only difference is the gloss, so some of the stencils will blend into the background depending on where you are standing and according to the light.  It is a very subtle and nice accent.

Here are some views of just the wall:

For this project, I color matched to our carpet and it happened to be “Spanish Tile” the base is flat and the stencil is high gloss.

The stencil I was was from Cutting Edge Stencils and the design was “Gabi’s Brocade” in Medium.  There link is:

Cutting Edge Stencils- Gabi’s Brocade

The original idea came from:

Glossy Paint Over Flat