Rainbow Table Skirt

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The Lorax Birthday Party

This post is the how-to for making a rainbow table skirt (or any color table skirt with fabric).  This particular party had theme colors of orange, blue, yellow and hot pink, but any color can be used.

Rainbow Table Skirt

Materials needed for standard 6 x 2.5 foot table are:

  1. 2 yards of four colors of fabric (or 8 total yards of any color)
  2. 4 yards of fabric ribbon
  3. thread
  4. sewing maching
  5. safety pins and straight pins

I started by cutting the fabric for the top into five panels of 15 1/2 x 37 in panels.  The rest of the fabric is cut into 29×24 inch panels for the skirt.  This is enough to cover the front and two sides of the table.  If you want the skirt to go all the way around the table, you will need additional fabric beyond the total 8 yards.


The top of the table is very easy, just sew the panels right sides together with a simple 1/4 seam until all the of panels are attached.


For the skirt, start by sewing all the panels together in the same manner.  You will have a very long train, much longer than the perimeter of the table.  This is because it will reduce by about half in length because of all of the gathering.


Then, using straight pins, attach the skirt to the ribbon.  I used the finished end of the fabric at the top and left it about 1 inch above the top of the ribbon.  Gather the fabric as you pin it so that is has approximately 1/2 inch darts all the way around.


Front view:


Back view:


Then sew the ribbon to the fabric using a 1/4 in seam at the top edge and bottom edge of the ribbon.  Be sure to sew the skirt in the direction of the dart folds you made, otherwise you are going to have a very hard time with the fabric catching against your feeder!



Lastly, you can hem the bottom of the skirt if you choose.  My new sewing machine had a wonderful hidden-hem stitch which I used, but any way you choose to hem is fine.

I used safety pins to attach the skirt to the table cover and you can not see them.


What fun!