Laser Beam Activity

Recently I saw a post from another blogger with this cute activity and decided to let our kids try it as well.  They loved it!  All you need is painter’s tape, crepe paper and a hallway.

Lazer Beam Kids Activity

Using long strips of crepe paper, stretch them across the hallway at various angles and heights and attach the ends to the walls with painter’s tape.  Keep in mind the size of your kids, because they might be lower to the ground than you are!  In fact, the first time our kids went through the laser beam course, they pretty much just ran underneath it.



So then we went to laser beams LEVEL 2!




Parenting: If you children can survive an apocalypse and/or rob the Federal Reserve, you are doing it right!

Picture Collage

This is a cute idea from my son’s school.  They recently made picture collages.  The children painted a canvas in whatever color they chose.  They also chose various items and pictures for the collage.  Then the teacher covered it in Modge Podge (I believe).  Cute huh?

Toddler Picture Collage

Also they put a printed listing on the back of the canvas to show everything he included in his collage.


Toddler Square Toss/Sort Game

When the kids are bored, sometimes I randomly make up silly games to entertain them because the brain strain to make up a silly game is less than what it takes to deal with whiny kids.  :)  So as a result, I am sharing an easy, fun and successful activity which you can try with your children.  All it requires is some painter’s tape and random colored/shaped objects.

Toddler Square Toss

Use painter’s tape to make a tic-tac-toe box on the floor.  Then give instructions to the kids that the boxes are numbered 1-9 from left to right, top to bottom (use very simple terms to explain the numbered boxes of course).  Then use colored shaped objects as the “tossers”.  We chose pretend food shapes from a play kitchen.  When the game starts, instruct them one-at-a-time to:

Choose a green one and toss in square 1…or

Choose a red one and toss in square 5…etc.

My son is almost 5 and he loved the challenge and the math involved and trying to toss it into the right square so that it stayed without bouncing out.  My daughter is 2.5 years and we gave her more simple instructions like:

Choose a red one and place it next to the bacon…

Choose a green one and place it next to the croissant…

She really loved finding the right food items and colors.  The numbered squares were a bit tricky for her, but just naming objects and placing colors was great.  That’s actually her running out of the picture after placing her item successfully.

Give it a try on some rainy day when you are stuck inside with the kids!

Turkey Disguise

I got the idea for this fun activity from my son’s school.  The idea is to help the Thanksgiving Turkey find a good disguise to keep him safe from being eaten!  It builds imagination and creative thinking.

Print out a turkey printable from the internet.  Explain the concept and have the toddler (preschooler) pick what disguise the turkey should have.  My son picked a fire truck!  Since a fire fighter was a little more appropriate and easier to do, we went with that.  I got him some fireman related stickers, markers and paper.  He colored the turkey, used the stickers and even made flames from paper cut outs to go at the bottom.  Have fun!

No turkeys were harmed in the making of this post.