Angry Birds Birthday

For those who follow my blog, you know I usually put a lot of time and effort into my children’s birthday parties.  My son’s 5th birthday party fell a little short.  Not because I wasn’t willing to put in the effort, but because the venue he chose happened to be very restrictive.  Normally I bring in tons of extra stuff (goodies, vegi tray, fruit tray, specialty items) but this place did not allow anything except cake, ice cream and water.  Period.  What a let down!  Well, anyway, without further adieu, or otherwise known as excuse making, here are the photos of the party:

Angry Birds Cake

This cake was beautifully and deliciously crafted by Cakes-4-All in Carrollton.

Angry Birds Cake 2

And somehow, I failed to take a picture of the birthday table as a whole, but around the cake, we had wall stickers and hanging decorations.

Angry Birds Decorations

Angry Birds Decorations 2


And we had these amazingly cute goodie bags made by Fun Party Crafts who has a store on eBay.  These super cute bags were such a hit with the kids.  They are hand made with foam paper.

Angry Birds Goodie Bags

Bad Piggies Goodie Bag

Red Bird Goodie Bag

Bomb Bird Goodie Bag


Yellow Bird Goodie Bag

Happy Birthday Boy and his sister are both wearing their Angry Birds T-shirts!


And the Bad Piggies got what they deserved!!


Superhero Birthday Party

One of my dear friends made this adorable birthday party table for her son’s 4th birthday this year.  How creative is this?!

Super Hero Birthday Party

The buildings were made from simple plastic containers that she turned upside down and pasted white card stock on the inside.  She found the cute printables on the internet and just added the figurines.

Super Hero Birthday Party 2




Notice the blow pops have capes and masks.  :)


What a great party!