Do I have to do everything myself?

My son recently stayed with his grandmother for a sleepover.  He just turned four years old and he’s at the age now where he will tattle on you if you are not careful!

Me: (I was putting Mason to bed.) Do you want your ceiling fan on tonight? (It’s a rhetorical question because he ALWAYS sleeps with the fan on.)
Mason: Yes.  Mommy, when I stayed at Nana’s house, she forgot to turn the fan on!
Me: Oh she did?  Did you ask her to turn it on?
Mason: Yeah, but she didn’t hear me.  I called and called to her but she did not come.  She put a chair by the bed so I could climb down.  So I climbed down and I called and called for her.  So then I pulled the chair to the wall and climbed up.  I turned on the fan and had to pull the chair back, and then I had to climb back up on the bed and get back under the covers!  It was exhausting!

I love You, Now Leave

My son doesn’t get sick very often (as much as most little kids his age), in fact we just took him to the doctor and he’s been put on antibiotics for the first time in over a year.  He has an upper respiratory infection so he’s not feeling very well.  Aside from being very resilient, he also is very independent.  When he gets sick it is one of the rare times when he wants his mommy.  We are pretty strict about the kid’s sleeping habits but in this case I told Mason I would lay in his bed with him till he fell asleep.  We did the normal night time routine of brush teeth, night clothes, milk in a sippie and read a book together.  Then I told him the one rule to Mommy sleeping with Mason is he had to lay down and be still and not talk.

Me: (turns off the light and lays down in the bed) OK, Mommy is here and remember the rule?
Mason: (nods his head and sips his milk from his sippie cup.  He reaches over to me and tries to find my hand.  I give him my hand and he wants to hold it while he sips his milk.  This was very sweet to me because he never does things like that).  Mommy, I love you.
Me: I love you too son.
Mason: (Sits up in the bed)
Me: Mason, what’s the rule?
Mason: (lies down) Mommy, I like the stars…
Me: Mason…rule?
Mason: (finishes his milk and hands the cup to me) I’m done.
Me: (I put the cup aside by don’t say anything)
Mason: Mommy?……Mommy?…..Mommy?….
Me: Mason, I told you the rule.
Mason: But Mommy….I’m tired.
Me: Then you have to lay down and be still and go to sleep.  That’s why I told you the rule.
Mason: But Mommy…I am tired and I want to go to sleep now.  You have to leave.
Me: Oh, LOL, you can’t sleep while I’m here?  You want me to go now?
Mason: Yes, I want to sleep, you go.

It’s Tough Being a Boy

After we finished dinner I suggested Mason (my 3.5 year old) should go outside and play in the backyard for a bit while I finished drinking the last wine from my glass and while his dad got ready to mow the lawn.  The back wall of our house is all window and I sat at the kitchen table watching him outside as this took place within a matter of 3 minutes:

Mason opened the door and went outside.  We have a set of wicker furniture including a couch, a chair, a side table and a long coffee table.  We also have a grapefruit tree in a pot sitting there until my MIL comes to pick it up.

Mason picked up a towel draped across the wicker coffee table and moved it to the couch.  Then he immediately picked up a diaper cover belonging to his sister Brie and moved it from the couch to the table.  He picked up a container of sunscreen off the side table and put it on the ground under the coffee table.  He picked up the towel off the couch and folded it and put it on the coffee table.  He picked up a toy sand shovel from ground and put it under the table next to the sunscreen.

Meanwhile my husband came back into the room and I pointed out the window and said, “Look at him.  What is he doing?”  My husband watched for a bit and said, “Being a boy.”

Mason picked up both the sunscreen and the shovel and returned them to the side table taking his time to place them exactly as they had been before.  He reached up and plucked a leaf from the grapefruit tree, sniffed it, licked it and threw it down.  He picked up the towel off the table and ruffled it (unfolded it) and threw it on the ground.  He picked up the sunscreen and tried to spay it on the towel.  He picked up my wet swimsuit from the chair and put it in his mouth and tried to suck the water out of it.  He put my swimsuit on the towel.  He took the toy shovel and lifted my swimsuit with it and put it on his head.  He wrapped the towel around him and started dancing.  He took the swimsuit off his head and put it back on the chair.  Then he draped the towel on the coffee table (where it originally was) and came back inside and whined, “Mommy…..I’m bored let’s play a game.”


I Don’t Want to go There

We went out to dinner as a family and afterwards as I got into the car I realized it was still early, and being a Friday night, I thought “why don’t we go get a treat?”  My husband had met us at the restaurant so I was alone in the car with my 3.5 year old son and my 1 year old daughter.  I rang up my hubby on the car’s Bluetooth:

Marc: Hello?
Me: Hey, I was thinking since it was still early do you want to stop by Cold Stone?  (I used the name of the place so in case my husband didn’t want to go, I had not unduly alerted my son as to what he would have missed out on.)
Marc: Yeah I suppose we could do that.
Mason: (in the backseat we hear him) No Mommy!  I don’t want to go there!
Me: OK, I’ll meet you over there, just loop around.
Mason: No Mommy!  I don’t want to go.
Marc: (Pauses because he hears Mason) OK, see you there.
Me: (I hang up the Bluetooth and address my son) Mason…do you KNOW what is Cold Stone?
Mason.  No, I don’t want to go there.
Me: Do you know what it is?  Yes or no.
Mason: No
Me: It’s an ice cream store.
Mason: Ohhhhhh.  Yes, Mommy!  I DO want to go there!  I DO, I DO!
Me: Yeah, that’s what I thought.  (We arrive at the store and get out of the car.  My husband walks up)
Marc: Mason, did I hear you say you don’t want to go here?  OK, let’s get back in the car and go. (teasing Mason)
Mason: No Daddy!  I didn’t KNOW!  I didn’t know it was an ICE CREAM store!  I want to go here.  Mommy tricked me!


One Fish, Two Fish


My husband and I had this conversation with Mason (my 3.5 year old) while walking to the park:

Mason: Mommy, I have some bad news.  (makes a sad face and slowly shakes his head)
Me: Bad news?  (laughing)
Mason: Yeah, it’s not good.  The stars are not coming out!  It’s getting dark, but no stars.
Me: Well, it has to get darker before you can see the stars.  See the sun is still up a little bit.
Mason: Oh!  Look Mommy Daddy, their are people on the other side of the pond!  (The park by our home has a large pond and a water feature in it.  There were two boys standing on the other side of the pond.  One was wearing a red shirt and one was wearing a blue shirt.)  Look!  One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!
Daddy: One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!
Mason: And orange fish!  (He points to a kid at the playground wearing an orange shirt)
Daddy: And brown fish! (Marc points out another kid wearing a brown shirt.)
Mason: No Daddy!  There are no brown fish in the book!  That’s not the way it goes!
Daddy: There aren’t any orange fish in the book either!
Mason: Yes there are!  I seen them!  (starts giggling because he knows he’s being silly)