Bad Dollie!

I first saw this story over six months ago.  It has been an internet sensation for several months now but has finally landed on CNN.  The issue is with one doll in a set of three dolls called You and Me Interactive Triplets sold by Toys R Us.  See the story here:

For months parents have complained about this doll saying “Crazy Bitch”.  And if you listen to it, it really does sound like it.  My shock isn’t so much about what the doll is saying or the fact it made it all the way to the store shelves with a potty mouth but more about how Toys R Us is handling the situation.

I’ve worked in IT long enough to know there are crazy pranksters out there who very well could have programmed this doll to say exactly what it sounds like it is saying.  (Usually pranks like these come from developers who  are being fired or passed over for a promotion.) However, most major companies freak out about customer complaints.  Toys R Us could very easily just stop selling this doll or require the manufacturer to fix the errant voice code ASAP, but Toys R Us keeps selling them as-is in spite of the many complaints and bad publicity they are receiving.  Hmmm, you’ve got to wonder who is working in their PR department.  Curious George?  If you “Google” the search term “Doll that says crazy bitch” you will find over 30 pages of links of various news stories, videos, links, Facebook posts, etc. complaining about this doll (over 300 complaints and news stories).

In any case, if you have been reading my blog, you know I cuss like a sailor, but I don’t really see the point of buying a toy to teach my kids cuss words I could teach them myself for free.  (And yes, I’m being sarcastic.)