Valentines Box

This is a cute and easy way to make a re-usable Valentines box for parties or school to hold the kid’s Valentine cards.

Valentines Box

First, start by getting a box and picking out whatever pretty colored paper you want.  In this case, my son wanted a heart shaped box (but even a shoe box will do).  He also picked out the papers which included a funny monkey paper.  You will also need glue and scissors of course.


I started by putting the glue on and smoothing it out with my finger so the paper would not get wet ripples on it.  I did the sides of the box first by putting on the paper and cutting it close to the edges with scissors or an Exacto knife.


Then I did the heart cut outs and put them on the bottom of the box.


I decorated the top in the same way.


I added his name.


And lastly, I cut the whole in the top by using a rectangular shape for the hole and a box cutter.


If you have older kids they can do all of this work themselves.  My son is only four so I did the major work, but I let him add stickers to the top and sides that matched the colors.


Below is a file which makes 1 page of heart shapes which can be printed on any specialty paper to make the heart cutouts.

This below document is for the rectangle shape for the box top.  The shape is editable so you can adjust it to make the right size for your box.