Valentines Heart Tree Table Decorations

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Valentines Party

This post is a how-to for making these heart tree table decorations.

Valentines Heart Trees

These can be made from any type of paper, either solid color or printed.  For the party I purchased a printable package which included matching printed papers.  You can also print these on plain colored paper or specialty papers from the hobby store.  At the bottom of this post is a free download you can use to print the heart shapes onto any paper.

Start by using card stock or other similar weight paper to make the cones.  I used the heavy paper they use in the middle of wrapping paper rolls.


Then print the heart shapes onto whatever papers you plan to use.



Then cut out the hearts.


Then glue them upside down onto the forms by using a drop of glue in the middle.  Cover the entire form.



Super cute!


I got the original idea from here, and hers are much more elegant:

Valentine Heart Cone Tree Tutorial

Heart Shaped Download: